Amazon Kindle App for iPhone Hands On

Jennifer, from our sibling site is a recent Kindle 2 adopter and so eager is she to get her geek on the Pre and it's potential Kindle App, she decided to take the iPhone version for a test drive. What were her thoughts? Looks great! More:

I was just starting Chapter 11 in my eBook "Terminal Freeze" on the Kindle, but when the iPhone version of the book opened, it was on a different page. I noticed that I had the wireless on my Kindle 2 turned off, so I turned it on. As soon as I did that and rebooted my iPhone, a message popped up asking if I wanted to sync to the furthest page read, and of course I clicked "Yes". And sure enough, the page went to the beginning of Chapter 11. So it looks like the Whispersync works pretty good.

Head on over to read the rest of her hands on, and maybe encourage her to keep that iPhone groove going...

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Reader comments

Amazon Kindle App for iPhone Hands On


She had to "reboot her phone" to achieve a sync?
Was that a casual faulty phrase, or is she that clueless about the iPhone?

So it looks like the Whispersync works pretty good.

What I would encourage Jennifer to do is download a grammar book on to her Kindle/iPhone.
"Well." The Whispersync works well.

Wow, fast review. Amazon's real Kindle 2 has a display that looks more like real pages (well, duh). It's a good start and surely will improve over time.
While I am very interested in Kindle, I am still waiting for these books to be DRM free. It's just so much easier and "thought-free" when I don't have to worry about DRM and how I use something. The higher the resolution, the better it is too. We are nowhere near true 300-dpi but that's a technical limitation at this point.
Speaking of DRM-free, Amazon does have an awesome MP3 store that is DRM-free with a large selection and often good prices. It would be nice if they had the same thing with books.
On the note about Amazon, I recently came across an interesting table that details the discounts on Amazon.
It is at
Maybe someone will find it useful too.

Hey Paul glad to see you encouraging her to buy a grammar book. I'd like to encourage you to jump off a cliff. I bet you could do that "pretty good."