Amazon launches Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod touch

Amazon launches Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod touch

Amazon's Cloud Player launched last year with iPhone compatibility conspicuously absent, but as of today, the iOS app has found its way to the smaller screen, giving users the ability to access their music stored in the cloud. Content can come from iTunes, Amazon, and any other DRM-free content you happen to have kicking around and can cram into the 5 GB of free space they offer. Of course, that can be cranked up to 20 GB for $20/year if you need more room. As a limited time promotion, Amazon is offering unlimited room for MP3 and AAC files if you buy any storage tier.You can cache tunes locally on your iPhone for those that want to save battery life by not streaming, and organize it into playlists.

Until now, those that have been involved with Amazon Cloud Drive and using an iPhone have had to resort to the bare-bones mobile site, which in and of itself is pretty ridiculous. Even now, the service is limited to the U.S., which is the case for a lot of Amazon services.

That said, Apple already offers decent access to cloud music through iTunes Match, though you've got to shell out $25/year for that service. The other option is to spend $10/month on one of the many streaming services available (like Rdio or Slacker), which strikes me as worth it for anyone who is serious enough about their tuneage to consider a cloud locker. It just seems like too much of a hassle making sure files sync up properly from the desktop and making sure all of the right metadata is in place - having someone else taking care of the all the bookkeeping is more convenient, but of course, you lose your music as soon as you stop paying for a subscription music streaming service. What do you guys use? Does Amazon Cloud Player have anything in particular that grabs your eye? You can find more information about the service over here.

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Amazon launches Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod touch


I have Amazon cloud and Google Music. Bought 3rd party apps to work with each, never used either for more than a few days. I do have iTunes match, and of a library of about 10,000 songs, most from CD rips, I have had about 90% Match rate. Most of that 1,000 or so that are "Uploaded" are obscure tracks that are from Import CDs by Big Country, so not surprised at all that they weren't matched. As you'd expect, just by the nature of remaining in the ecosystem, it (for the most part) "just works" for me.

Lucky you. My match rate is closer to 60% and it's not even all obscure stuff. A lot of it is just slightly older stuff (late 80s to 90s) that I guess just isn't popular enough to be part of iTunes...

Keep trying. Especially if you know it's there. Have you tried things like TuneUp? I had been using that for a while and it helps. And for stubborn ones, try to make all the metadata exactly as iTunes has it.

I'm liking it. So far it seems like a great app. It can play local files from iTunes and also in its own storage, or you can play them from your Amazon cloud storage over WiFi / 3G. Very nice. I've been waiting on this one. With this and the gMusic app for Google Music, I'm skipping iTunes Match altogether.

These little fees for this service, and that service, can really add up. Yes we can control that, but it can get out of control like the cable companies. I guess it comes down to which service suits your needs the best.

IN LOVE THAT THIS CAME OUT!!!! I just bought my first iphone but love Amazon cloud player. I was surprised when there was not an app AND the browser wouldn't play songs.
Just my luck that it came out. :)