Amazon to Provide "iTunes"-Style Media for Google Android?

A-Day continues! AndroidCentral will have continuing coverage of T-Mobile's new GooglePhone throughout the day, but we here at TiPb are keeping our eyes peeled for those nuggets that collide (or will collide) with the iPhone.

Okay, so Google's CEO is on Apple's Board of Directors, but he recuses himself from meetings about the iPhone. Okay, so Android is technically positioned to compete not against the iPhone but against the wide-range of lower end, multi-form-factor Windows Mobile devices. Okay, so the Android Market isn't a proprietary, walled gardened like the App Store, which may please the FSF but may also turn off some developers who prefer single device targets. But at least Android is leaving the iPhone's bread and butter alone right, it's iPod heritage powered by the #1 music store in the US, iTunes?

Eh... Not so much. VentureBeat (via Engadget) is now rumoring that Google may just have lined up cloud-competitor Amazon to provide not only music, but TV and Movies as well. aTunes much?

What's especially attractive about Amazon MP3 is that, while the 3@$+@29! record labels (other than EMI) deliberately withhold high quality, DRM free music from iTunes in order to give other vendors a competitive advantage, Amazon gets the good stuff from pretty much all of them. (Albeit it only in the US, but that's the whole world anyway, right Amazon?)

Will this be announced alongside the T-Mobile G1 today? We'll soon see!

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Amazon to Provide "iTunes"-Style Media for Google Android?


I see no point to this when you have such limited memory on the device itself to store things with, and a crappy display to view tv and movies on.

That's why you buy memory card. And That display isn't crappy. You're just hatin' on the G1 cuz it has the Amazon store that's better than iTunes (and cheaper) on the iPhone.