Amber Alert App Approved by App Store

Wow, alliteration much? Not sure if it was just a delay (as Apple seems mostly impervious to pressure from the web or customers, open letters included), or some bizarre equal and opposite reaction to Tweetie 1.3 being rejected, but is now reporting that Jonathan Zdziarski’s AMBER Alert app has (finally?) been approved and published to the iTunes App Store:

AMBER Alert [iTunes link] is now available at the [US] App Store for free, and gives users real-time information regarding missing children. Zdziarkski worked closely with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children to make this the official AMBER Alert tool for the iPhone.

Another app, BargainBin, is still languishing in limbo, however, prompting an interesting question on the same site about whether or not the App Store uses "pocket rejections" at times.

Clearly the App Store process remains anything but clear...

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Reader comments

Amber Alert App Approved by App Store


(as Apple seems mostly impervious to pressure from the web or customers, open letters included),

Not true. Apple is VERY susceptible to being embarrassed in the mainstream press. In fact, its just about the only thing that ALWAYS works.
We learned this when bad press forced an early release plugging security holes in iPhone software.
The bad part of this is it will blow over, and its back to normal crappy process for the App store. What needs to happen is several of these back to back till they agree to standardize the proceedure and publicly document it.

I am glad this was approved. The Amber Alert system works and I believe having an application now is even better. All mobiles should have this.