Analyst: 3 million Verizon iPhones being built in December?


3 million Verizon iPhones are being built in December for launch early in 2011, according to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro. Now I'll preface this by saying I won't believe any more Verizon iPhone stories until I see one in Steve Jobs hand, but the amount of noise around this potential product launch is only growing.

Given Apple's ability to control the iPhone and prevent carriers from installing bloatware, their own app stores, replacing search engines, etc. -- i.e. exactly what Verizon and others have done to Android in recent months, it's easy to think a deal still won't get made. Now that Google has essential destroyed Apple's efforts to disintermediate the carriers and handed them a powerful, modern, completely mutilate-able OS on a silver platter, would Verizon even want Apple's iPhone?

There's a lot of money to be had by both parties, however, and that sometimes makes for even stranger bedfellows than politics.

Fidacaro also said Apple is building 7 million iPads this quarter, with 4.75 million of those expected to be sold and the rest used to fill the supply chain and prevent the type of constrictions we saw following its debut earlier in the year.

What do you think, any actual analytics behind this analyst predictions or just more sound and fury?


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Rene Ritchie

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Analyst: 3 million Verizon iPhones being built in December?


just sound and fury. i choose not to believe any Verizon iPhone rumors. Although i am hopeful, because this AT&T deal has been disappointig for the past three years. SICK of the $#!ttY reception and everything else that comes with AT&T.

This rumor Is turning into one just like the Roswell or Area 51 Rumors. Who cares and I won't believe anything about this until I see Steve Holding it. We'll see...

OMG does it never stop? I want a job as an analyst so I can just spew nonsense and get paid huge money for it. Why would VZW want an iPhone? Simple. They'd sell metric tons of them, despite the popularity of Android. But it's not going to happen.

I never had a problem with AT&T. I had cellular one who became Cingular who merged with AT&T. I rarely ever had a reception problem. My dad, who has verizon, has no reception in his house, but I have 3-4 bars everytime there.
I've used my AT&T phone in 13 states and over 20 different countries without difficulty except for a few extremely remote areas that had no cell phone coverage at all from anyone.

Where is the Verizon part coming from? What I've read is they are CDMA phones. Couldn't they be for China and/or Asian markets?

If that is the case--good news for those who want to jump ship. It's about time another carrier shared the burden of high BW usage. I don't know if I'd sign a 2yr agreement with VZW for a CDMA phone with LTE around the corner. I'm happy where I'm at now--ATTW and reliable phone/3G service coverage.

When the Verizon iPhone actually comes, which I still think it won't be until LTE is in most major markets, all the android users that switch over need to just admit that they ran their mouths about the iPhone because they couldn't have one.

On MacBreak Laporte said Verizon network test guy said no iPhone or iPad in 6-12 Verizon roadmap. OFFICIAL! NO VERIZON iPhone in 2011!!

Could Susquehanna just be adding a little sugar to the pot to attract investors? Where did the infromation to them come from, and how reliable is it? We have been down this road many times now. Until the little guy in the gray jacket says "can you hear me now? " and Steve Jobs says "yes as long as you hold it this way" I will not count the chickens before they hatch.

More hype to manipulate markets and drive page hits. The analyst (not that he's even accurate) said CDMA phones. Bloggers are making the leap/assumption that they're for Verizon. If they want to suggest that, it's fine, just make it clear who's suggesting it and don't attribute it to the analyst.

I hope Tmobile never gets the iphone.As much as some people complain about
AT&T you should see Tmo's bad signal and coverage,I have a better family plan with AT&T than with Tmo,way better signal in buildings so for those of you who hate AT&T,Tmo should never be an option.

Kinda funny since my 3GS works great on T-Mobile and even Edge is as fast as ATT 3G in some areas (Chicago), On ATT constant dropouts, on T-Mobile I can stream sticher and get Exchange email on my train route with out dropping once. For times when I need a faster internet connection, I have a Sprint MiFi in my bag. I would get a T-Mobile iPhone4 in a heartbeat!

Verizon would not accept Apple's terms 4 years ago, and its likely they won't accept the terms now. I left Verizon for AT&T to get the iPhone and moved my wife over as well. I wouldn't mind a CDMA/LTE iPhone but that would likely be 2012, the end of the world no less.

This analyst is also the same fool that said the iPad would have a hard drive an an Intel Atom chip.
Notice who said it.. another financial analyst. Why would these fools have such information? It's pure stock manipulation.

3 million iphones? Isn't there something like 90 million Verizon customers? So they are only gonna make enough CDMA iPhones for about 5% of Verizon customers....that doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me.

I think that the Verizon Iphone could be real! remenber the iphone 4 rumors, maybe the new ipod touch? the analyst there mention those before they came out. I work in the industry so i can be the first to say that they get info thru meetings and earnings calls. suppliers leak out lots of info to media and blogs if the price is right.And in Asia like everywhere else money talks! Apple Knows that in order for thier profits to double they need other carriers! most likely the iphone may be CDMA/SVDMA with GSM or LTE in JUNE 2011 that way Apple can keep costs down and make more money! it makes perfect sense! LTE will be online in NOV.2010 with 30 cities. ATT has thier LTE next Year. analysts don't just spew out stuff to move the markets like that. if they are wrong, they don't get paid or are fired! the info is out there. people just have to plug in the pieces. it would be good business for both Apple and Verizon!

Verizon wants the iPhone, only to get back the customers they lost to AT&T when the iPhone came out, or to get the people who hate AT&T's piss poor network but stay on there just because AT&T has the iPhone. I think Verizon will get the iPhone eventually, but it might be a different version of it, like how the Galaxy S series of phones is essentially the same phone with a slight difference in design and name.