Anatomy of an iOS 7 icon redesign

Anatomy of an iOS 7 icon redesign

iOS 7 is coming this fall - perhaps as soon as mid-September - and in terms of design language and user experience, it'll hit like something shot out of a mass driver. Not only will customers have to transition to a newly objectified, gamified, and dynamic interface, developers and designers will have create matching, perhaps transcending apps to go along with it. How much work will that be? Well, the incredibly talented and generous team over at the Iconfactory have shared their journey in updating xScope mirror for iOS 7:

Translating the icon for xScope's Mirror app was our very first foray into the flattened world of iOS 7. We went through two-dozen variations adjusting line weights, colors, shapes and layouts until finally arriving at the design seen above.

Personally, I'm going to miss the richly textured work of craftspeople like the Iconfactory, but I'm incredibly excited to see what the same talent can bring to a post-richly textured world. Check out the full post, and their project manager, Cheryl Culling's follow up, Flat is the New Black, for some amazing insights into why, in this case, simpler isn't necessarily any easier.

Source: Iconfactory, Iconfactory

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Reader comments

Anatomy of an iOS 7 icon redesign


You have a different definition of "pastel" than the rest of us. The only pastel colours in the icon above is the smallest element of it, the light blue shading on the white arms. What you are looking at are actually unusually raw, pure colours (one of the least palatable aspects of iOS 7 IMO), not pastels.

Besides which, to call a lightened colour a "pastel" makes no sense in isolation. It's a term used to refer to groups of light colours used together. Since the icon is all blue, all "raw" blue, and mostly darker shades, your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

Those pastel colors are truly beautiful. I hope many devs go with pastel pallet when designing their icons.

So much is just personal preference. iOS 6 rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, iOS 7 will do the same. And some people will love it. App makers just have to stay true to the apps that they are making. That's the key. If GarageBand goes flat, then we know that there is something wrong with the design studio at Apple. Otherwise, it just is what it is.

"iOS 7 is coming this fall - perhaps as soon as mid-September"

Fall, to Apple, means early December.

I think we are going to experience an array of crappy looking apps, at least in the beginning. Then once developers get around to figuring out what looks good and what doesn't, we'll enjoy them in a similar fashion that we do now.

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Better for who? Certainly not iOS 7 users. Context is king and like it or not, this is where we're all heading. Personally I think our new icon is quite snazzy.