And the Next Generation iPhone Will Be Called... - Wait-a-Thon!

What\'s the next generation iPhone going to be called?

What? Oh, sorry... You though we...? Nope. Dunno. Haven't the foggiest. Maybe you could tell us? When Steve Jobs pulls out the updated version of his little pocket universe dent'er, what's he going to call it?

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone Black
  • iPhone: The Next Generation
  • iPhone Nano
  • iPhone Pro
  • i2
  • iPhone BOLDEST
  • iPhone X 2.0 "Lynx"
  • iPhone M6524X2519 (oops, Nokia's already TM'd that...)
  • iPhone Me
  • iPhone Take 2
  • iPhone Release II: Attack of the iClones
  • iPhone Air
  • iPhone Vista

No? None of the above? Well then, what do you think the next generation iPhone will be called?

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Reader comments

And the Next Generation iPhone Will Be Called... - Wait-a-Thon!


If the replace the original with the 3G phone it's still going to be called the iPhone. Apple tends to leave the names out there. A Nano is a Nano to them even if the old ones were the tall slim ones and the new are the short 'fattie' ones. An iPod Classic is still an iPod no matter the capacity it has. An iMac will always be an iMac no matter the screen size, memory or CPU. So the iPhone will continue to be the iPhone even though all of us will add the '3G' label to it.

I don't think they'll deviate from "iPhone." The iPod only changed when there were major differences in form-factor (I don't see an iPhone-nano coming out anytime soon :-)

iPhone M.e - I think this would be an awesome name, will definitely be something catchy and a little technical.

It could also simply be called the "iPhone2". Although its the 2nd Generation, 3G could stand for 3rd Generation so this might cause confusion.

Like when the iMacs get updates they're still called iMacs. The new iPhone will simply be called iPhone.

@The Reptile:
iMac's are still called iMac's, except when Apple has to differentiate for refurb or support reasons, then we get the clunky: iMac White, iMac Aluminum, iMac Aluminum Late 2007...

It will be named the iphone. Just like the ipod is still an ipod (except for the short-lived ipod photo) or a shuffle is a shuffle. When they updated the nanos they were still called nanos, not nano fatboys as some may have thought.
If they make significant changes while keeping a version of the original in circulation, thus having two models out simultaneously, then you should expect a new name a la iPod Touch.

I think it will still be known as "iPhone". It will be called 2nd generation iPhone when needed to differentiate it from the original iPhone.

I think it will just be called "iPhone." If they do change it up though, my money is on "iPhone 3G."

I'm sure that the iPhone name will not change as Apple doesn't seem to change the name of it's products unless they do some MAJOR changes. I believe though that the name should be iPhone neener-neener-neener and their slogan should be "try and copy this, sucka".

I say they should go with "iPhone ][" or "iPhone II" ... reminiscent of the Apple ][ (or Apple II). As they did back then, they could progress to iPhone IIe, iPhone IIc, etc.
Then, just when you think they've run out of names, we could have the 'iPhoneintosh.' That would end up being the remarkably over-priced version that draws nice pictures on the screen, but locks out all 3rd party development and does little more than make calls.... :)

I am going with everyone else that believes that the name will stay iPhone, but with all the new features I would vote for iPhone Pro!!

I always figured it would still be called the iPhone. Unless apple is coming out with multiple lines of the iPhone next week, I see no reason to change its name.
The only reason I've been calling it the '3g iPhone' was to differentiate between the current and unreleased versions of the phone.

The main iPhone will always be called iPhone. If a second, smaller model is released, it will probably have a different name like Slim or Nano or something.

iPhone Gen. ll. But will just be known as the iPhone. And I so hope that it does come in a 32 GB model.

Im writing to inform that an inside source has revealed that ATT already has the iPhone Black (3g) in stores. I spoke to a friend of mines who is a manager at a corporate ATT store and he told me they have them but they have not received news as to when they will star selling them! Yes the name is iPhone Black Edition.. I have not received information regarding features yet because boxes are still sealed ive been told. But i will get back with more information as soon as received.

I say that Iphone Black is the way its going to be. I sorta like the name, and if reports are correct about the black back to the phone it will be great!

I agree with many here that the iPhone should just be called the iPhone and not appended with any kind of number.

I'm going to say iPhone Broadband or iPhone BB or something like that to say it's got faster internet, but not confuse anyone with 3G-ness.

I believe that apple will come with two different models of the iphone. One, that is 3g and has more space, but looks the same. A second that is updated with a keyboard and also has 3G.
They will be called the Iphone(maybe)classic
and perhaps the Iphone QWERTY

i feel iphone 2 would be perfect. simple clean and very applish. although apple pro does sound very nice.

my bets on "3G iphone", its just grown on me with all the rumors going around. all i hear is 3G iphone, 3G iphone. :)
iphone air.. haha i wouldn't want to mess with someone with that.. thats one dangerous iphone sarcastic

Its confirmed that today Friday June 6, 2008 around 34 st at Downtown New York, a owner of a Electronic and phone devices store has confirmed that the new generation of the (3G iPhone Black has been onced again comfirmed) to be selling in Apple and ATT stores when the apple store provides the right to sell the device. The Owner of the store said that he has seen the comercial of the new (3g iPhone Black)

It'll just be iPhone but in their support documents and such it'll probably be like the iMacs and list a year of release after it.
iPhone 4GB/8GB (2007)
iPhone 16GB (early 2008)
iPhone 16GB/32GB (mid 2008 GPS 3G)
iPhone 32GB/64GB (late 2008 GPS 3G iSight)
etc etc

Judging by the current apple naming convention, I'd say that the new phone will be called the 2G (as in 2nd generation) iPhone. The changes in styling, dimensions etc. in the new device aren't substantial enough to merit calling it a whole new 'type' of iPhone.

I believe that it will remain the iPhone.......that seems to be the pattern Apple follows.....

It will be called "Phone different," after the blog. Well, I'm backtracking through the Wait-a-thon posts, but I did guess the name correctly in the forums. iPhone 3G is as straight-forward as it gets. It emphasizes that it's a hardware upgrade, without alienating previous owners. Also, I think this helps to emphasize the software. Or maybe I lived near the Infinite Loop for too long...

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