And They Weren't Kidding: Update 1.1.1 Bricked My iPhone (Activation Loop)


Hold my calls for the rest of the day; I'll be laying under my desk in a fetal position. After reading early successful reports of unlocked iPhones updating without issue, I assumed the coast was clear. Assumed being the operative word. Upon downloading today's firmware update, which weighs in at a whopping 153MB by the way, iPhone fails to recognize my SIM card...and is now effectively rendered useless. Ahahahaha!!!! maniacal laugh

Doing a bit of sleuthing I discovered the potential root of this problem. The IMEI number displayed onscreen does not match that found on the back of my iPhone. So apparently whatever issue is to blame it has to do with baseband settings reconfigured by anySIM. Ok, iPhone Dev Team. I'm counting on you jokers to work out a solution.

Until then, I'll be waiting at the bedside of my crippled iPhone with a box of tissues. sniff sniff. Let it be known that I went through with this update in the name of research. See the sacrifices I make for you guys?

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And They Weren't Kidding: Update 1.1.1 Bricked My iPhone (Activation Loop)


I feel for you Kent, really I do. I come here dozens of times a day to see what news you have found out. You my friend, are the "goto" guy for anything iPhone related. I listen to you, I havent opened my iPhone with apptapp in fear that it might cuase some damage. Id hate to have a $600 paper weight. If in time your phone cannot be ressurected, I (and lets hope others wanna hop on this band wagon) will be more than happy to send you a donation towards the purchase of a new iPhone. Anyway care to join me in the new fund i will now name "The Untitled Kent Fund" cause I can't think of anything witty to call it as of now...any suggestions? There is no minimal donation, just whatever you want to donate.
Oh, and one more thing Kent. YOU'RE WELCOME!

Thanks Tony! Nah, it's not that bad. My iPhone isn't a gonner, just temporarily comatose.
I'm touched by your offer but please, don't waste your donation dollars on me. Put that towards a worthy cause like supporting charity organizations. I'll be fine. I'm down, but not out! :)

Okay, Apple has increased volume... now if only ATT would increase its signal strength so I can get and make phone calls from (gasp!) within my own home? Or how about the grocery store? Or even Mal-Wart? ATT is definitely the weak link.

Question... Will new iphone buyers still be able to unlock the phone? I am receiving my phone tomorrow...
How do I know I am safe to do the unlock? Advice would be appreciated.

Hollywood: You know that roundish hairy thing sitting on your shoulders? Use it.
Until Apple says it's safe to unlock, it's unsafe.

Hey all....I just bought an IPhone from the states (I'm from Canada) and I'm giving it to this dude who has been unlocking them for my friends....problem is...I keep hearing about all this IPhone "bricking"...Can I still get it unlocked and use it? Should I not update it with the newest software? What do I do?

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