So which Android device out-sold iPhone?

Once again the internet is flooded with catchy headlines that Android outsold iPhone for the first half of 2010. And why not, that's a great headline. But it's also -- to quote the Simpsons -- unpossible.

Which Android device out sold iPhone? No, not the one with the GBs. Android is an OS, not a device. iPhone is a device, not an OS. Android is also not sold, it's given away by Google for free. Android devices are what's sold.

Maybe a more accurate, if admittedly awkward, headline would have been "All Android devices combined on all carriers in the US sold more than the iPhone on AT&T during the period where Apple constrained supply right before iPhone 4 launch".

That's not to say there aren't Android devices that sell phenomenally well. Just one look at Android Central, especially any of the articles on Verizon's Droid brand, will show tons of hot-selling devices. It's just a completely different business model. No, not a truly open one, but one that values diversity. (I think there's a good chance my fridge is even running Android now!)

In Canada, and many other countries, iPhone is available on pretty much every carrier and unlocked directly from Apple. There's no Verizon Droid brand here. The original Droid is called the Motorola Milestone and any bets how well it sells on Telus compared to the iPhone?

Even in the US Verizon's Motorola Droid 2 just launched yesterday to little in the way of lineups. Anyone think it will outsell iPhone 4 in Q3?

Point being, the US market is in no way, shape, or form able to express any meaningful "Android outsells iPhone" numbers or vice versa.

If iPhone shows up on Verizon next year, or better yet on Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile US, then at least the carrier field will make for more useful comparison.

And maybe that's why Apple wants the iPhone on Verizon, because they're tired of seeing their numbers influenced by the not-iPhone compromises.

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Rene Ritchie

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So which Android device out-sold iPhone?


It's only a matter of time. Some carrier or device manufacturer will sell a competent Android phone for free or $30 subsidized on a voice plan only. It's only a matter of time.

Android has like 50 million devices.
iPhone has 6 iOS devices.
Android needs all of those devices just to outsell iOS.

Speaking of the sister site AndroidCentral, I'd like to point out that yeah, they have the news of Android being big, but they are not talking about Android selling more than iPhone, (that be too easy), but they are selling more than iOS Devices. Yes, those cheap, no contract needed iPod touches also count in iOS. Even with iPods, iPad, and iPhones, Android is selling more than them. Welcome to the phone edition of PC Vs Mac. Don't worry though, just like in PC VS Mac, Apple has smaller marketshare, but they make up with better profit. :)

I don't think apple is too worried about selling the most handsets ( not that they don't want to make money) ... I think they are more focused on quality and perception, like the Mac v pc debate. Yes pcs far outsell macs but I have never seen a machine as streamlined or as elegant as a Mac. Even Microsoft called apple's laptops "cool" in their hunter ads.
When you are perceived as being the best, it doesn't matter how many units you sell.

Great explanation. It's one that I have to explain to people on a daily basis. I blame the media for making such a stupid comparison.

ok, so, u don't really have to be a baby. android is an open sourced operating system which means manufacterers can make hardware exactly how they like under a couple requirements. And apples iPhone is closed which means only one "current" device with no choice what-so-ever. and u can base statistics off of apples chioce of no choice! ok?

I'm curious about how Android devices are selling outside of the US. I'm in Toronto and I know only one person who has an Android phone, while Blackberries and iPhones are everywhere. There certainly hasn't been the marketing behind Android that you see behind Apple and RIM. Is is the same in the rest of the world?
Regarding US sales, I also think it's fair to say that, because of the "diversity" of the Android business model, even if "overall sales" are outpacing the iPhone and iOS, Apple and AT&T are making more money off of the iPhone and iOS than any one handset maker or carrier are making off of Android.

Way to beat the story on a technicality. The REAL story here is that Android is actual worthy competition for the iPhone. I know at least three friends of mine that have switched in the last week. Verizon is doing s greets job promoting them. Android is catching iPhone. Period. But do I care? No, i'm keeping my iPhone. This site keeps making it out like Android is terrible though, and there is simply no journalistic integrity. Any chance to slam Android and you guys take it. It's sad. Stop being fanboys and cover the news, or change the site name to TIPFBB (the iPhone fanboy blog).

Well for such a free OS, I can see why Android is kicking ass! Apple's iPhone may still be sitting at the top of the cool device pile, but their momentum has slowed down tremendously. Yes Android is popular because its given away to manufacturers, but lets not forget that they innovate! And I for one am tired of my same ol' same ol' app launcher platform. WAKE UP APPLE!

  • In general, I agree that these sorts of comparisons are not that valuable. There are two things to take away from this though, IMO. First, Android is most comparable to Windows Mobile/Phone OS, in that both of them can exist on devices on multiple carriers by multiple phone manufacturers. And WM has been MIA for a really long time. For months, there's been no WM phone, because there's no point in making them until the next Windows Phone OS comes out. Apple is more comparable to Blackberry - although, like Android, iOS is on multiple non-phone devices as well. So it's complicated. Second, there's the issue of cloud services, like app distribution, email, maps, etc. And that's an area where Android is succeeding over Blackberry for sure. Apple is also doing well against RIM for similar reasons. Enterprise sticks with BB because of their previous investment in setting up BB services, but self-employed people and small businesses have their pick of multiple options now, and a lot of them go with Google services.
  • I think that Apple still has to, and is working towards, beefing up its cloud services. The relative market share of a phone made by one manufacturer versus a phone OS made by a non-phone manufacturer isn't about phones, it's about the services behind the OSs. People first got into the Apple universe through music, and then video, and then apps and mobile browsing. People first got into Google through search, then email and online advertising, then online maps and Youtube videos, and now mobile services like turn-by-turn GPS and apps. Now we're seeing Apple getting into online advertising and maps, while Google is getting into music. Mobile internet services is where the action is, and the mobile OS marketshare is just one indication of that battle that's raging now.

The only thing I'd add is that when these numbers are counted that there is the same problem that there was when Blackberry was the top of the heap. When VZ and the handset maker end the product after 5 months they do a Buy one Get one deal. Both phones are counted in the numbers but they yield little in the way of revenue whereas the iPhone sells for more or less 12 months at MSRP. So, in the end the more attractive handset to both the carrier and manufacturer is the iPhone because it retains its value 12 months after launch and is not discounted until a replacement is for sale at which time the price is dropped to $99 and sold for another year. And for that matter, how many 1+ year-old Android devices go for $99?

Come on, Rene. You sound so insecure discussing this. Whether or not it's "fair" to compare Android sales, "with devices on all 4 carriers", or even a meaningful comparison with iPhone sales (yes, we know, "locked to 1 carrier"), it's the media. They are in the business of making and selling news.
You're channeling your feelings that it's not a fair or meaningful comparison, and it doesn't even matter, but 1) the people that care already know it and, 2) the people that don't will never read this. I say, don't respond to stupid media headlines.
On the other hand, I think it's more than a little disingenuous to dismiss it altogether, because, inevitable or not, Android freaking' outsells iPhone, just like "PCs outsell Macs". Even Apple fanboys don't get all grumpy and start picking apart details like, "You can't compare that! You're comparing systems from multiple companies to sales of an OS tied to one companies hardware!" It's semantics! It's not worth wasting your breath.
On top of that, you have to realize that we long ago lost the fight over whether it makes sense for "Android(s)" (or, "Droids", for that matter) to replace "Android devices" in everyday speech, and, yes... in media headlines. I think its stupid, and I say "And. devices" and I expect you do, too. But, Jane somebody at CNN doesn't even know what an OS is; she doesn't understand what she's saying. Again I say, it's not worth a rant post. Save the "Our media is stupid and brainless about tech" posts for forums OT or something. All I'm saying.

I see Eric and Dennis beat me to a lot of what I said, and put it more succinctly, in Eric's case. Took a little minute to type all that on my iPhone.

this site sucks now. all we hear about is iPhone on verizon in every f*cking article. I can imagine the staff jumping up and down, waving their hands uncontrollably every time they hear another tid bit that furthers the "dream" of an iphone on verizon.
and to get so defensive about someone saying android outsold iPhone? WTF? who gives a damn?

I agree with Eric. I know this site is Apple-centric, but the bias is so flagrant. I know we love our iPhones, but there's no need to attack Android. Devices running Android are selling faster than devices running iOS for whatever reasons, and that's ok. It doesn't make me like my iPhone less.

Indeed, this is nitpicking. The "war" is about platforms, or OS. Headline writers aren't going to make awkward and confusing titles, but everyone knows what it's about. I say more power to Android. Let's cheer them on, and not be petty and insecure. It's not a sporting match. The iPhone4 shows what happens when companies get complacent, and Apple needs to stay competitive.

@Rene.. every time i think you might turn the corner and produce some piece of true journalism, you come thru with filth like this..
i'm glad you're getting hung up on the semantics of device vs operating system, b/c that's all you iPeople have to hold on to now.. it's really sad Rene. do you sit at home crying in the corner b/c of the inevitable defeat of your precious iPhone??
if you would like to see real numbers, please click on the following link.. but remember Rene, this link is talking about OS not device.. just wanna make that clear to you before you start whining:

@Eric.. i couldn't have said it better myself.. thank you for being a true iPhone enthusiast and not having to stoop to shenanigans like Rene here.. i understand you support your iDevice and i support my Android device, which is perfectly great..
and i especially love the new name for this site: "TIPFBB (the iPhone fanboy blog)"..
i will be referring to it as such from now on.. Rene can be thanked for the name change..

@Rene.. Remember when i called you a fanboy previously, but then retracted my comment b/c it made you upset.. well, i would like to say that i'm now retracting my retraction..
you are an absolute FanBoy with junk articles like this.. Have a wonderful day.

Have to say, a little odd nitpicking on the "Android is an OS" vs iPhone when Apple is the king of that sort of blurriness (The whole, "I'm a PC," thing).

Are you people retarded? You come here looking for news and journalism? This isn't a need site weirdos!!!
How can you blast a guy for lacking journalistic integrity when he's not a journalist?! If you want tech news, go to CNET or something.
Otherwise please shut the hell up.

Just got iphone4. No way those cheap looking phones can outsell such a nice looking device like the iPhone 4

LMAO. Wow this one had been festering a few days Rene, but I knew it was coming. I live for seeing the Apple apologist/excuse makers get all booty hurt over Android sells and come up with lame excuses as to why Android is beating iOS. These are the same folks who revel in iOS sells in the podcast and make ridiculous statements like all the other phone manufactures will have to merge just to compete with Apple (looking at you Chad), or the Kindle have not future (I see you Georgia) now that the iPad exist. Ignoring the fact that many of these companies and products are seeing sales go through the roof competing head to head with Apple. When presented with actually facts they either silent or make lame excuses in thread post or blog post like this one. If iOS had moved to the top instead of being bumped down to third, all these Apple fansites would be screaming from the roof tops about iOS domination.
The whole argument about things being different if the iphone was on more carriers in the US has less and less validity as time goes on and Android sales continue to skyrocket.
Looking at global sales data released recently, where the whole argument about being carrier limited disappears, Android growth is still phenomenal.
Deal with it, but stop being babies, and accept the fact that base on current research trends Android will be the global king. Apple will still be raking in the cash. What's important is that Google and the hardware partners are driving innovation, something that Apple use to do. That benefits us all much more than how much profit Apple can turn in a quarter.

I came over here from Android Central (don't freak out I'm not a troll) and I just wanted to say that I really liked the fair blogging in this article.
Sure, Rene tries to put a positive spin on the news, as would be expected from an iDevice-love site; but he also intentionally declines to make the story into something its not.
It's nice to see an iPhone fan who doesn't have to be a fanboy, and can acknowledge the fact that there is good, healthy (for all of us) competition in the mobile market.
So, thanks for having integrity.

@Greg foster thank you for saying that!!!!
To all the "Rene" haters and journalistic pros... Write your own blog with 0 typos, unbiased opinions, from your moms basement and try to get more than 1 reader! Then keep coming to cuz you know you will ;-)

I have no problem with the idea of Android devices outselling iOS devices. Android was specifically designed to run on an incredibly wide array of devices and if it doesn't over take specific integrated devices, then it would have a huge problem (see Windows Mobile 6.x).

This isn't a matter of semantics or nit-picking either -- it's a matter of context.
In context, Android OS' acceleration over the last year is incredible.

Android OS > iOS in Q2 Globally. That is what the market research shows. Whether you call it sales, activations or whatever. That is the comparison between volumes for the OS not the devices involved. The same research breaks down by smartphones, manufacturers etc too.
It is an exciting time to be interested in technology and I can only believe that true competition will lead to strong innovation, which as a consumer is a pleasing position to be in. As a measure of market success the comparison data is truly irrelevant, as Apple will be looking at stronger margins per device and Google will be looking at strong returns from search, advertising and cloud services whether it is an Android,iOS or any other smart, web capable device.

Considering the likes of HTC, Samsung, Moto and others are all selling android device, one would hope that is greater sales than apple.
The one thing none of them have though is Apple's profit margin and the value each sale adds to apple's other revenues is simply unmatched. Apple, by design, cannot win the market share race and it's not trying to.

Actually the Gartner study quoted on multiple blog sites is quoting different operating systems. Android, iOS, Symbian etc. Also those numbers are worldwide not based in the US. Seems Android devices have outsold iOS devices worldwide. Competition is good for continued innovations. Win/Win for consumers.

Others have belabored the "not fair" or "not meaningful" points so I won't delve into those. The question I have for Rene is, why isn't it a meaningful comparison? For better or worse Apple has chosen to be the "Keeper of the Gate" for lack of a better term, and be both the hardware and OS provider for their product. As such the terms iOS and iPhone should be interchangeable when discussing the smart phone market.
I agree with you that no one Android device has sold as well or continues to sell as well as the iPhone in any market. That's a testament to Apple, their commitment to quality products (antenna gate not withstanding), and their marketing prowess. But the fact that in the U.S. Apple chose to utilize one carrier exclusively for the amount of time they have should in no way invalidate any comparisons to Android devices and their sales rates even taken against the entire lineup across all carriers.
Before anyone terms me as a troll or Android fanboy let me say that I typed this on my iPad with my trusted and loved Palm Pre beside me while admiring the shear technological marvel that is the Evo 4G being displayed on a commercial. In other words, I swing all ways when it comes to technology. ;)

Wouldn't it be great if this blog provided meaningful critiques of Apple and the iphone instead?

This is just a question of semantics. Change one word - "Android sales surpass iOS sales", and your entire article disappears.

I wonder when the new iPhone comes out what the state of android phones. Apple I think will be playing catch up. On another note, I don't like what the ios4 did to the iPhone 3G , almost unusable. Crashes, freezes up. I was going To buy a iPhone 4, but now it seems like I'm being forced to upgrade. How big bad apple let this bs stand when they're "apple". I'm not going to lie the Droidx and Evo catching my eye

iPhone 4 are selling as fast as they are made. Android software doesn't cost hardware money or time.

It's not even about nit-picking.
It's the equivalent of saying Windows 7 sold more than the MacBook Pro. Doesn't that sound silly? They're comparing an OS that's sold from many manufacturers to one (or even two) devices. That's what bothers me. I could care less about who sold more. None of that money is going in my pocket.

I also came from AndroidCentral, and really have more respect for you people than assumed. You are not the mix of Fanboys I was expecting. The next thing I say is me trying to be as un-biased as possible. I might accidentally add some in.
Using the statistics that you guys have provided, there is a lot being shown. Android - as an OS - has grown in the last little while, and it is apparent. But, iOs is also still a very complete operating system. I have seen some people saying that Android Phones are "cheap looking phones". I question that.. There are some nice looking Android phones. But, set that aside. We all know that Android benefits from Apple's development, and vice versa. Advancements in one OS causes the other to have to push and it gives us all better phones in the end.
For the people who keep pushing out revenue. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, (I know, not a common name like Steve Jobs) has stated that Android is not meant to be a primary source of revenue. He stated that they make plenty enough from Android to further Android development, but Google will always be Google.
And, yes, I agree. Apple probably does make more straight revenue from iOs.
I wanted to throw in my opinion, without striking nerves. I probably will never be back, but I do have respect for the readers here. Well, most of you. You weren't the fanboys I was expecting. Congrats.

Well I guess the argument is that some Fandroids and Apple Fanbois use marketshare as a metric to state which platform is better and they tend to make a big stink about it. Of course marketshare stats are a perfect example of the reason for the phrase "lies, damned lies, and statistics". Any new product is going to rocket in terms of marketshare because it can only go up from 0%, duh. Apple fanbois cheered the iPhone because of this when it first launched.
Personally I am more interested in the future prospects for a platform due to investments in it (buying apps and accessories etc). I have been burned several times in the past with failed or obsoleted PDAs (Handspring Visor, Sharp Zaurus, then back to Palm T/X) and don't want to go through that again. So if you look at absolute sales and developer buzz, the Apple iPhone is still doing very well and sales are greater than ever despite all the recent controversy.
So the fact that Android sales are higher doesn't bother me. The iPhone isn't going anywhere. I feel sorry for those who invested in WebOS though as that doesn't seem to be doing very well at all and while HP have the funds to keep it going it doesn't seem like they are interested in doing that. WM7 is an unknown quantity so I wouldn't invest in that platform until it has proven successful. Microsoft may also have the funds to make it work, but as seen recently with the Kin they don't necessarily have the will and the Zune (with a similar interface to WM7) hasn't exactly been a runaway success.
To me the iPhone seems to be the most stable platform in terms of both hardware and software with only one form factor being released each year and every device from the last 2 years or so getting OS updates all at the same time. And for me that makes it the wisest choice.

I think 'Android phones outsold iPhone phones' is pretty succinct and accurate. When we squabble over details, I think it makes us look bad.
I believe the only real reason people are flocking to Droid isn't because it's a superior product, but because it's all most carriers have that in any way compares to an iPhone. If Mr Jobs hadn't made his exclusivity deal with AT&T, then we likely wouldn't be having this conversation.

You know this same article was written in 1985 when the PC clones were about to almost obliterate Macintosh. Apple makes nice hardware and decent software that works well on their hardware. They also market it as a luxury item with a price point to match. In a free market (which the US kinda had) the product offering more for less wins. If you don't think this movie ends the same as the PC wars, keep trying to understand a point of this article.

@Bob... you're absolutely right.. it is not debatable that you are superior TOOL... again buddy, although i continue to enjoy your music, you continue to be a major tool.. were you born a tool or do you have to work at it really hard everyday??
Good Luck.

It makes no difference how many devices vs 1, vs etc.. what matters is the # of customers using the OS which equals how many customers I can sell or get my app / content in front of. Apple will fall back to a niche market just like they always have, otherwise they wouldn't be apple.

Wow Rene you've started a war of the words. Looking like a good ol' fashioned Xbox vs. PS3 battle almost.

Few comments...
@Luis The phone still cost money and time to make. The software still has to be tested and suited. So your "no hardware money" bit is way off.
@Rene I don't really know what to say about you. One minute you're calm and happy, the next you're the hulk...enraged over any type of competition presented to Mr Jobs. Lets get this straight:
You're posting about which phone sold more than iPhone. When the specific study is on OS alone. Damn the actual correct study. You focus on the technologically illiterate folks interpretation of the matter? Sir...that is in fact nitpicking.
Now, you go on to state US' case is isolated, yet you fail to bring in the world numbers that show the same growth and passing.
Seriously, I'm not here to further flame the ignorant war of ignorant minds like yours. But face it...Android is gaining. Its popular. Its selling. Does that spell doom for iPhone/iOS? Hell no. It just means exactly what I stated.
Android and its "army" are great alternatives for iPhones. Simple as that. Apple gives you simple, distinct, and minimal control. Google gives you choice, differentiation, and high control. Any tech market NEEDS those options. And in a world of people who have different likes, 9 times out of 10, they'll choose differentiation. The world is not a mindless hive as you believe it to be. People like choice. Apparent with RIM and Nokia being top dogs of the world for so long. RIM has one OS, but multiple phones. Gives people choice with familiar OS. Something Apple could, but doesn't do.
So end this "there's only one iPhone" crap. Thats the model it is, Android is the model it is. Wont change ever, so this trend wont change. Apple will be happy, you should too. Stop being so damn sensitive. In the end its just pieces of code and metal/glass/plastic

I'm getting tired of seeing this android crap on an iPhone Blog Site...I guess I will just go to is an iPhone Blog isn't it?

In other news Macs were outsold by PCs last year. However, not every PC model outsold a comparable Mac model, so clearly the Mac is dominating the market. Frame it how you want, put on your blinders if you want, but phones running the Android OS are clearly closing in on iPhone numbers if not surpassing them. That should be fine though, its always been Apple's jam to do what they want, and keep a closed system. If everyone likes the device thats cool, if only a niche likes it that's cool too. It all comes with the territory. So, frame it however you want but the facts remain the same.

I think there’s a good chance my fridge is even running Android "now!"
That was the goal from the beginning.... Put Android on everything! Microsoft tried but failed. Android??? Isn't this how SkyNet got started? :-)

@Tallbruva - I was just saying the thing the other day!! Android is being put in everything: phones, tablets, laptops, printers, set top boxes...etc!
This is exactly how SkyNet got started!

In some ways its fair and other ways it's not. Not one single Android device will outsell the iPhone, the beauty of Android is that I can switch carriers and device and not lose my investment in apps. The more Apple waits to be on multiple carriers the lower the number of people wanting an iPhone on another carrier will get. As a developer Android will look very tempting simply because there's a large and growing number of users vs iPhone users of which 70-75% were upgrades and either already own my app or are not interested. Which would you choose to develop for?

In addition to my earlier comment:
- iPhone market share in the U.S. is definitely being held back by carrier exclusivity to AT&T.
- Android market share has no such restriction and is clearly benefiting from Verizon's aggressive push with their Droid line.
- Android is further helped by the absence of Windows Phone OS devices.
- In agreement with Rene, and as has been discussed numerous times, Apple needs specifically to expand to Verizon as the number one US carrier in order to get substantial numbers of new users in the States. The poll of a few days ago is impressive in that about 65% of the respondents said they either would definitely switch or would consider switching to Verizon if they picked up the iPhone. But more important is the number of non-iPhone users who would buy a Verizon iPhone. Until that happens, iPhone sales are going to remain relatively flat in the US.

Android vs iOS has always been a stupid argument. You like iOS use it, if you like Android, use it.
Point is, if Android outsold iOS as a whole, good. Maybe if apple sees competition in the market they will make the platform a bit more open.

Again ... Rene is mad ...
LMAO ... fanboys I tell ya..
Anyway .. EVERYBODY KNOWS that not one single device sold more than Iphone.. so these stats are comparing Android OS vs the IPhone OS ... No one every said one single device sold more than the Iphone... so WHY EVEN BRING IT UP?? .. because you're an upset fanboy... I don't have a problem with that.. but just admit it...
This 2 quarters in a row that Android outsold the Iphone OS .. yes it's likely that the Iphone OS will sell more in Q3 ... but unless they have a deal with Verizon ... ANdroid would continue to rule the subsequent Quarters...
Nobody is lying .. Rene.. You're just mad...

Google's worst nighmare == bad news for Fragdroid fanbois.
Oracle's lawsuit (which does have merit due to the Dalvik JVM violating the Java ME GPL) is only against Google. But there is nothing to stop Oracle from suing HTC, LG, Motorola, and any and all Android handset manufacturers.
And such lawsuits would force the Android manufacturers to stop shipment of Android handsets until the lawsuits are resolved. That could take years, and by that time there will be either a CDMA-capable iPhone or the true LTE Advanced (or 802.16m) all-IP all-packet-switched 4G will be widely available, and Apple will have a single world-ready 4G iPhone. And that means iPhone will be available on Verizon, which is Google's second-worst nightmare.

Tebow. From now on you are not allowed to listen to my music. I write songs and sing for people that have a brain.
You? Not so much.

Geez, not only has the forum went straight to Hades, so has this blog. I understand this is a fanboy site but the chit people (on both sides of the argument) are crying about4 is so ridiculous.

@Bob.. now i understand your anger and frustration.. you and your iPhone were coasting effortlessly, then you got blindsided by Android.. but things are as they are.. let's just sit back and listen to some of your tunes.. i just got your new CD and it's great! keep up the good work..
@SockRoid.. you really need to get out of that basement and get some fresh air buddy.. all these visions of nightmares and hallucinations you're having can't be good for your cerebrospinal fluid..

You should get out of your parent's basement once and a while. Trolling your life away is not good for a middle aged man such as yourself.

... I'm also not certain as to why this all matters. Google and Apple aren't going to put each other out of business. Each has their own business model. Investors in both companies are happy due to great returns. Consumers are happy with either their Android phone, their iPhone, etc. Surveys show that it's the Blackberry folks who don't seem as content with their devices. And yet, for some reason, there's this bizarre inferiority complex on the part of some iPhone and some Android owners that leads to obsessive bashing of the "other side." Probably because said owners have no real life. They're phones people. You use them to make calls, surf the web, text, Tweet, etc. Get over you're little insecurity complexes, move on and try to focus on something worthwhile.

@Tebow: Blogs are such a great thing for people like you to be able to voice your opinions anonymously, because if it wasnt that way, your poor little fandroid comments would go completely unheard. Poor little guy.
These lame media articles completely skew everything everytime. The top selling single model PHONE is the iPhone. Who cares how many dozens of different crapdroid devices are needed to outsell 1 model. Thats's hilarious. The correct way to compare is specific phone model VS specific phone model. iPhone VS Droid 2... for example. The iPhone outsells every other single phone by a landslide. Fair enough?

@ Ronnnnnnn
I want to thank you for your thoughtful response. Your contributions are unmatched! Thank my friend! Shalom! I think you and Killer would get along well.

Maybe the iP5 should be cast in Bronze and have the ability to complete a phone call successfully since it too will most likely be a 3rd place phone. Enjoy your phone. Shalom!

@Fred the non-pundit
Recent surveys show that ~70% of iPhone users plan on buying a second, whereas that number is closer to 25% for Android users.

I'm going to put it plain and simple Apples products are like lamborghinis complete pieces of art that everyone envys and tries to copy it. Android are the corvettes however nice they maybe they are cookie cutters and a great alternative to lambos but we all know which one people really want and that of course is the lamborghini

Um, I don't know what to think of the above comments. 
I have played with my share of Android phones. Some have some nice features - None add up to a superior experience to the IPhone. To each their own. There is an Iphone4 in my future, Antennagate and all

I'll be switching to the droid as soon as my contract is up. I need a phone that actually is a good phone. My 3GS is the worst of the 5 different phones I've had on ATT for calls. To hear that the 4G is worse is really unbelievable.
I also want to be on the right side of this war. I want to support the group that is going to be more open and cost less overall and not force DRM on me. So... bye, bye iPhone. I've tested several Droids and I really like them.

"Recent surveys show that ~70% of iPhone users plan on buying a second, whereas that number is closer to 25% for Android users"
I believe it was actually over 50% for Android users, and much higher in the newer models. CNN made a correction to their original story on this.

I didn't know they let the fanboys write for this site. I don't think the Droid outsells iPhone headline could be any clearer. Unless of course, you are drinking the Cupertino Kool-aid....

i will agree with you that censorship sucks, but you dorito, are nothing but a take the time out of your day, which you obviously have alot of, to come to a site about a product just to write bashing comments on the news articles.
you know, its almost entertaining. its a shame most of what you say is regurgitated from a previous troll-like comment you have made.

I know one person who has android device. If these phones are selling so well... please tell me why I almost NEVER see anyone with one... I work in Chicago (3rd largest city in US) and life in the western surburbs of Chicago....
No offense but it seems that only techie nerds want android phones(hacking, over-customization, flash, misc google crap)
But who cares

Ameican boy Is correct. When I sit in a room with my family, droid is outweighed 5:1. At work, no one wants to be seen with a droid. IPhone is majority, in an edge network. Where can I get some of that Cupertino koolaid?

@Ronnn & American Boy
Y'all obviously aren't looking hard enough. Here in Dallas/Fort Worth, I see nothing but iPhones...nah, just kidding, I see a lot of iPhones, but also a lot of Android devices and Blackberries. I rarely see Symbian or webOS phones though :(
Does it matter which phone sells more(unless you are a dev)? Are we seriously that polarized of a society that we have to bash someone for a damn phone? Really? What is next, laws banning certain phone OS's based on the party in power? Persecution of the Android user and Blackberry user?
Y'all are sad. Tolerate difference, and you will be happier with your phone

@peebow or tebow whatever your name go play in traffic and stop the trolling, I bet even your mother think you're annoying...but to be sure, I'll ask her tonight when we meet. dude you really need a hobby.

@James-Zero-Zero.. much like the digits at the end of your name, your life has obviously amounted to nothing.. the name is Tebow and i play for the Denver Broncos.. don't ever forget that!! are you a Tennessee fan or something?
so what did my mom say about me last night?? did you guys have a nice dinner?
Good Luck.

Hey @ Tebow. It's called a spiral. You might want to try it some day. That wounded duck you call a pass ain't gonna cut it in the NFL. Nice lid, BTW. Dipstick!

@Ed.. do you even know what a football looks like?? i bet you're one of those kids that never played any type of major sport.. and darts in your friend's basement doesn't count, sorry to disappoint..
i tell you what, meet me in Denver and we'll have some throwing drills..

@Edddd.. remove yourself from the cave you're living in and go outside.. play some sports.. do something active.. but nevertheless, you'll always be a loser, so just keep doing what you're doing..
Good Luck.

Ladies and Gentleman-CALM THE EFF DOWN. We r talking about cell phones here for christ sakes!!! Hell if your happy with your iphone more power to ya. If your happy with your droid great. These are blogs, so everyone just calm down and enjoy!

There are over 106 Android phones on the market made by the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and others and they manage to sell more than one phone produced by one manufacturer

That's what happens when you have an open source OS vs a closed single device OS. What should really be looked at is the fact that if iOS4 were available on any device - I guarantee it would be decimated by Android devices. That's the real kicker - and just how silly Apple's fanbase is. It's literally the branding that carries it, not the hardware - not the software - the brand.
People are crazy.

Wow Peebo....are you that pathetic you pretend to play football for the Broncos? You're amazing! LoL
And your mom didn't say a word about you or anything else know how she is, as soon as she got in the car her mouth went straight for my nut sack!

@James-Zero-Zero... i guess you really don't know anything about football.. i bet you haven't even heard of the name Tim Tebow.. you really should look into diversifying your life's portfolio Jimmy.. can i call you Jimmy?? perhaps read some books from time to time, pay attention to the news, play some sports, anything.....
and by the way, you should really stay away from Mom jokes from now on b/c they're as weak as your jump shot, but then again i guess you haven't heard of basketball either..
Good Luck Jimmy!

@Peebow....unbelievable that you'd be home on a game day at 2:11pm in the afternoon writing posts on the net....not to mention it was your debut!! HAHAHA busted!! Only people with no lives or ashamed of who they really are would pretend to be an athlete. Good try but no one believes'd have a better chance of making us believe your Perez Hilton.

@peebow....let's just put this fake Tebow crap behind us and prove you're really him by giving a shout out on your twitter account.
But of course that won't happen cause you're a pathetic fake!

Well we know that RIM is well beyond both iPhone and Android. Is that fact to be neglected because we cannot name a single RIM phone that has outsold iPhone?
Come on people. iPhone is doing phenomonal, but it is ignorant to also dismiss android. It has gotten mindshare, and it is growing. It will be one of the main stream phone types for the forseeable future.

Hi Jimmy, it really is sad that you've presumed that i'm the real Tim Tebow... i really thought you had more brain matter than that, but alas i was incorrect in my assumption..
i want to make you a promise Jimmy.. i promise to never underestimate your lack intelligence again.. i promise Jimmy.
Good Luck Jim.

@Peebo.....Yes, you're absolutely right you didn't ever say you were the real Tebow...except for when you wrote it right here...
"the name is Tebow and i play for the Denver Broncos.. don’t ever forget that!! are you a Tennessee fan or something?"
Well now that you got burned and look like a fool you didn't say that right Pee Pee?? haha loser...
I'm done with this argument....I WIN!

@James-Zero-Zero.. could we perhaps continue this in an recently post b/c i'm getting tired of coming all the way to the third page..
..i'm not sure what you won, but i can tell you that you didn't win an IQ test.. so basically you're telling me that you actually believed i was the real Tebow?? weird..
Seriously Jimmy, you need to get out more and breath fresh air..
Good Luck.

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