UPDATED: AndroidCentral Meta Live-Blog: gPhone or iClone?

A-Day just goes on and on. We're not obsessed, mind you, but for reasons outlined before, from Google's CEO being on the Apple board, to Google services being inextricably linked into the iPhone, to Location Based (Mobile) Services and the Cloud being the Next Big Thing, this launch matters to iPhone owners almost as much as Windows Mobile (whom they're gunning to replace) and Palm OS 2.0 (whom they may render obsolete before launch).

Curious to know more? We are! In fact, Dieter's Meta Live Blogging the even right now over at AndroidCentral.

UPDATED: Our take, post event:

  • It's not white. What's up with that? Google is the white screen with search box. How could it be so *not* white?
  • Gmail MONSTER! Push, all sorts of management features (finally drop the beta tag??). I'd be severely jealous if, you know, Gmail weren't *so* flaky for me
  • Complete open source platform. Stallman must be in heaven!
  • SIM-locked to T-Mobile. Carriers -- again -- FTL!
  • WebKit browser -- not full on Chrome. Wow, if anyone had told me KHTML would become *so* popular, I'd have thought that about as likely as a Unix box with multi-touch sitting in my pocket right now...
  • This is definitely a serious play by Google to take control of the mobile market, and the advertising money that will come with it.
  • And most importantly, it's a great day to be a gadget lover!

Go check it out!

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UPDATED: AndroidCentral Meta Live-Blog: gPhone or iClone?


Seems like a good effort. The software seems very good and will get better. Someone needs to come up with a better effort on the form factor. HTC's products are good but their effort does not do the software justice. And limited memory is a downer.
While they are stressing openness in the ecosystem Apple's way of doing things at the moment is no drawback and to me seems to be a benefit (better integration of phone - web - media). That may change in time but Apple has shown that it can change it's dogma as it develops the platform (web apps to SDK and carrier strategy to name two).
Put RIM & Android in a blender and Apple would be in for some really stiff competition. Otherwise, I think Apple still leads - for now.

I think we may see another update coming our way...Well it makes sense at any rate, considering the blackberry thunder(storm) and now the G1 android device. With all the new touchscreen devices coming out and the few nit pics people have with no MMS or Copy and Paste functionality, only time will tell.