Angry Birds Go looks to be some kind of kart racer, maybe

Sadly, the question "what is Angry Birds Go?" hasn't been answered yet, but Rovio has at least spoken briefly on the project. What we're not looking at is another, traditional, Angry Birds game, though. Having played around with endless runners, and what looks to be the Red Bull Soap Box race, they've apparently settled on something that "felt right."

So, we're lead to believe we could be looking at some kind of kart racing game, perhaps with an added side of destruction involved. Who actually knows for sure at this point, and the video above just helps us speculate a little more. It's Angry Birds, so people are going to be interested, whatever it might be. What's your guess?

Source: Rovio (YouTube

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Go looks to be some kind of kart racer, maybe


The last time i bought angry birds I think i played it once briefly and quickly got bored. I think I'm done with it.

I don't think you are alone and Rovio knows this. So they are pulling the Nintendo/Mario strategy. Familiar characters in different games.

Can't say I blame them and should be a hit regardless. Just hope it is worthy of being a hit.

I can see an interesting take on Mario Kart. Cars driving around with slingshots, and the power ups being various birds/pigs that you throw.

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