Angry Birds iPhone app gets significant update

Arguably one of the most addictive games for iOS, Angry Birds, has just received a pretty significant update that is now available in the App Store. The update gives you the following improvements and add-ons.

  • Game Center support
  • Retina Display compatibility
  • 15 new levels

This is a free update for those of you who own the app and if you don't, just spend the $.99 already...

[Angry Birds - iTunes link]


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There are 23 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

Very nice update, I have so many more achievements now!

gregorypleau says:

Looks great! When I first started it up all my "achievements" fired again , prolly telling me they are in GameCenter now.
I like that the achievements are a button on the main screen too

Laelipoo says:

This is the best news I have gotten all day.

Huy says:

I still get lag in game play.

carolinamic says:

I just beat the whole game. Now who's da man. Nice update by the way.

Matt(sZ) says:

I'm sorry but, something is off about the graphics resolution in this update, they couldn't have redone all of the images from what I'm seeing

(9_) says:

What a great update! love the game center addition.

P0150N37RY says:

What happened to the Mighty Eagle? Weren't you supposed to be able to buy it in-app?

MILE says:

Okay, now bring the update to the iPad as well…! :)

idenn says:

Can't play at all just crashes! Don't want to lose my 3stars across the board:(

ghostface147 says:

@P0150N37RY: The mighty eagle will appear on the nokia platform first. After that, it will appear on the other platforms.

Ward Sutherland says:

@Matt(sZ) I too have noticed this, seems that only the gameplay elements have been graced with retina goodness, all other menus are still rendered for the older generation displays, hmmmm

Steve Smith says:

Just finished all 15 new levels with 3 stars. When's the next update coming out....

Avenged110 says:

@Ghostface147 f*** nokia, everyone else should get it first. (especially iOS)

Marco says:

No, this is not a full retina-display support. The whole menus and fonts in the game are still low-resolution - just the game-graphics are high-resolution. Dont know why the developers where not able to do high-res menus...

peter says:

Angry Birds is fantastic game for iOS. But Mighty Eagle made things harder...

jasonphil says:

@ Marco, I hate when they do that man. I have a powersupport anti glare protector on mine though, so it makes it unnoticeable. For someone like me, who would delete the game over something like that, the protector really helps. lol Maybe try one of them, it'll give you a harder time in telling what isn't perfectly crisp. Looks nice too!

Marco says:

@jason: I own an iPhone 4 and am using a very clear display-protector. Why should I use a bad screen protector, just that all graphics look low-res? lol, funny comment, jason. If they write "Retina Support", then ALL graphics, texts and so on should be in high resolution. Just gameplay has high-res - and that is bad.

Eagleyesmith says:

Not all the graphics are High-Res...but it's an improvement.


I have an Iphone 4 and I'm getting some lag. Bugs the @#$% out of me. Like the updated graphics.

Jasonphil says:

@Marco it doesn't make everything look bad, it just makes low quality parts of a program become less noticable. It's inherent in most apps I've seen become "retina display ready"

patrick says:

Still haven't figured out why this game is so popular. I'll give it another shot the next time we have a rainy day in Los Angeles.

Louis B says:

Just an FYI the golden egg is on the last level and u need to use the boomerang bird to launch it backwards and then it comes back real low and cracks the golden egg! Then u r allowed to play the golden egg level. So in total I've found and have gotten 17 golden eggs. Does anyone know if that's the most golden eggs in the game or have I missed any? Thanks.