The birds take their war against the pigs to the stars in Angry Birds Space

angry birds space

Angry Birds is everywhere; in Rio, in HD, celebrating the Seasons…now, those pesky pigs and amazing birds have blasted into space.

Angry birds fans rejoice! Angry Birds Space was just released this morning into the App Store where the war between the birds and pigs continues in outer space on tiny planets.

So, what’s new in this edition of Angry Birds? Well, zero gravity for one. It is quite a challenge to shoot your bird and have it orbit the pigs – striking its target at just the right time.

In addition to 60 levels of zero gravity battles, Angry Birds Space includes many new birds and new superpowers. One of the bird types, Space Eagles, can be earned through game play or obtained via an in-app purchase.

It's important to note the iPhone and iPad versions do not sync over iCloud which means your progress will not be saved between multiple devices. So I recommended thinking about which device you think you'll play most often, and purchase the game for only that device. Otherwise, you'll have to play through all the levels twice. Disappointing. I know.

I've only spent about a minute or two playing Angry Birds Space and am excited about playing more. The new gameplay is going to be new challenge to master because of zero gravity.

How far have you gotten so far?

$0.99 - iPhone - Download now

$2.99 - iPad - Download now

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Reader comments

The birds take their war against the pigs to the stars in Angry Birds Space


Looks fun and I'm downloading it now. But I'm disappointed it is not a Universal app. Buying and playing an iPad version seems like twice the work, and the cost (yes, I'm aware this is why it's not universal). I just hope the iPad app has something extra, besides larger graphics, when they make us pay more for it later (i'm sure it wont be $.99).

For graphics intensive games, universal apps should go the way of the dodo. With the new ipad screen, the size of ipad graphics has grown so big that a phone ends up with a huge amount of wasted data in a universal app. There's no need to clog phones up with graphics for a much larger, higher res screen.

I saw this an few hours ago and have been playing up till I had to leave for work,It's got an new twist on things now that it's in space,but very fun.Plays well on the new Ipad but I don't think I'll be buying this for my phone as well,since there's some other games I want to try out.

This is a very fun game. Bought for both iPhone and iPad but did not see support for iCloud. Will be very annoying if I cannot keep my progress synced across the devices.

I just wish the two synced. I hate that if I get it for the iPad, I have to start over on the iPhone if I want to play on there.

I've been playing for about an hour now. I have to say that it is an interesting new take on the game. The zero gravity & planetary gravity give the game a new "feel" that I find fun but yet it keeps much of the same gameplay as the original that we're all familiar with. It's definitely a good sequel.
One thing that I found very fun was when you get an easter egg (called an Asteroid-something-or-other). It allows you to play another, bonus level immediately. The first one I encountered was an homage to Space Invaders and I've read that they are all homages to various 80's video game classics. Those are fun references for those of us that have been around for awhile :-)

3-starred the newest 15 Angry Birds levels in a single sitting. Will probably get Angry Birds Space for new iPad, and leave traditional Angry Birds on iPhone. (And will maybe get Rio for Mac...)