Angry Birds Star Wars heads to the Forest Moon of Endor in latest update

Angry Birds Star Wars II might be just around the corner, but the original has just received a great update with 30 new levels to tackle. What do we get? Ewoks! The new levels are set on the Forest Moon of Endor where you shall attempt to destroy the bunker and disable the Death Star's shields in the big final battle.

Besides flying Ewoks, the new levels have an additional gameplay mechanic, where you have the ability to bounce things off giant drums to alter their trajectory. Oh, and if there's logs around, be sure to use them to your advantage!

Angry Birds Star Wars is one of our favorites out of the Rovio stable, and we'll be having great fun on Endor with these new levels. Grab the update now from the App Store, or the iPhone and iPad versions at the links below.

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Angry Birds Star Wars heads to the Forest Moon of Endor in latest update


It's absurd that it won't sync my progress between my iPad and iPhone. I don't want to have to replay all of these levels. Really kills the app in my opinion.

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This is why I don't play it any longer. I finally three starred everything on my iPhone and on my iPad I still have to play through the demo. Eff that.