Angry Birds Stella revealed by Rovio, feathery BFFs in tow

Rovio teased a brand new Angry birds game only yesterday, and today we have a name and some idea on the theme. Announced via Twitter, Angry Birds Stella will be fluttering our way in the fall, complete with five brand new lady-bird BFFs.

It almost looks like Angry Birds fell head first into a Disney movie from the promotional image. And, while we're not sure what kind of gameplay to expect at this point, this one might be targeted at a very different audience than, say, Angry Birds Star Wars.

We've got a while to wait it out before Stella drops onto our iPhones and iPads, but do you think you'll be playing this one?

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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Eric Mason 0321 says:

Not a chance. Seems to me at this point Rovio is beating a dead horse...

jrod986 says:

Blame the consumers. Angry bird games still hit the #1 app spot every time a new one comes out.

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leehord says:

Waiting for the inevitable Flappy Angry Birds instead.

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stephen007 says:

"It almost looks like Angry Birds fell head first into a Disney movie"

Awesome line and so true! :-D

Becjr says:

I actually like the art in the teaser.
I'm hoping it will be a brand new direction for the Angry Birds franchise.
I haven't played any Angry Birds games in over a year.

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