Anki Drive app updated, adds new upgrades, smarter AI

Anki Drive app updated, adds new upgrades, smarter AI

The app for Anki Drive has been updated to version 2.1, with a number of enhancements, including smarter AI, more upgrades, and vehicle updates. The update brings expanded upgrade options in the form of new Combat, Chassis, Engine, and Energy systems. You can buy and sell upgrades, as well as level up. New weapons and support items include an EMP, horn, and kinetic break. The Armory has also been moved to the Garage in the app.

This update also introduces bounties, as well as updates to other game systems. Players can earn better rewards for beating stronger opponents. Higher-level vehicles will yeild a bigger payday. With Anki Drive 2.1, vehicles receive a software update that allows them to take advantage of the new systems, and the AI for enemy drivers has been improved, making them smarter than before.

Anki Drive players can download the update of the app right now from the App Store.

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Anki Drive app updated, adds new upgrades, smarter AI


It's a fun take on racing, but really needs a third car to shine. It's a much different game when every car has somebody in their sites *and* is in somebody's sites.

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Anki would be OP if there were cameras mounted in the cars. Then you could use you iOS device as a viewport to control your car.
... Of course, motion sickness might be an issue.

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This seems like a cool game, I will have to see it in person to get a feel of this game.

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Cool toy. I remember back in the days when all the rave here in my country were racing with mini 4wd.