Another lockscreen bug found in iOS 7 but here's how you can avoid it

Over the course of the existence of iOS there has been several lockscreen bugs found and ultimately fixed by Apple. With the release of iOS 7 even though there was a ton of security improvements, yet another has been found as reported by Forbes

This one is essentially the same as several others found in the past wherein a not so nice individual can gain access to your devices photos app, email, social networks and more through the Control Centre.

Having Control Center available is awesome, but one look at it and you can tell you're offering a bit less security given all the options available. So, while the bug is very real and will ultimately be fixed by Apple, it's also in your control.

You can disable Control Centre using the guide we've written up linked below and you can also find out further ways to enhance security on your iOS 7 device by checking out these quick tips right here.

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Reader comments

Another lockscreen bug found in iOS 7 but here's how you can avoid it


I went to the Forbes link you posted and read and watch the video. Tried it on my 4S and it didn't work. I have my passcode lock set at immediate. So maybe there is something to it. Set it at 5 minutes and it worked. So hey I am no techie but that 'immediately' setting does seem to halt the so called bug. Any thoughts Chris?

I stand corrected. I got through once. So it seems timing has something to do with it. Tried it again and it didn't work. Well, hope Apple sends out a fix soon enough.

Does anybody know how to clear out the updated apps in iOS7. They just sit there, and do not clear. 1000 updates from now, are we going to have a giant list of updated apps in the App Store?

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I believe you cannot clear the updates. According to iOS7 Manual, tapping updates shows your updated, and purchased apps. I'am guessing the updated apps will be moved to purchased. When, did not say, and did not say how to clear the updated apps.

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It looks as they "self clear" after 10 days. I've been running iOS 7 since the b2 and have always had Auto Update on. It only shows 10 days of updated apps. I suppose they want to give you ample time to see what was updated and what was new about the update...

Keep your friends close, your enemies [ hopefully none] closer, but keep your iPhone even closer than that!! xD

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