New Any Landing game employs in-app purchase cap

Any Landing game employs in-app purchase cap

Strange Flavour's newest iOS game appears in the App Store today. Any Landing puts you in the pilot's seat of an airplane that's doomed on its approach - your goal is to keep it in the air for as long as possible before you crash land, picking up bonuses along the way.

Many of us detest in-app purchases, because unchecked, they can lead to abuse - too often, developers employ "pay to win" systems that encourage players to spend an endless amount of money to get ahead. Players end up spending exorbitant amounts of money in order to succeed, but because they're microtransactions, they're easy to ignore - until you get your credit card bill at the end of the month and realize you've spent a ridiculous amount.

Strange Flavour doesn't like that either, so they've developed a different in-app purchase mechanic called "Play Nice." Players can still pay to get ahead in the game by spending 99 cents on "Wing Packs." But each purchase you make counts towards a maximum lifetime cap for the game. You'll never spend more than $9.99 in total, the cost of Any Landing's "All You Can Fly" pack.

Other features include Game Center support, support for MFi game controllers like the MOGA Ace Power Controller, SteelSeries Stratus and Logitech PowerShell, 32 levels over four routes, eight different aircraft and more.

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Reader comments

New Any Landing game employs in-app purchase cap


Funny how developers have to do this cause people lack the common sense to not spend their money frivolously. Smh

While some people aren't responsible, I don't see this as a fix for their spending.

I see this as fairness on the developers part. After you've given us $X, we think you should have the game in full. I like this blend of freemium and outright purchase.

Ok, but what if money is of no concern? I wouldn't be able to continue purchasing IAP's? That seems wrong.

Unless all the "Wing Packs" = 1 "All You Can Fly Pack" then would there even be any more IAP's? Seems redundant to me. If there are little "boosts" to buy, and I can't buy because I bought all Wing Packs like some sort of Parental Restriction, I'd be pissed.

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The top item is an All You Can Eat, so when you purchase that as the final IAP (i.e. you've spent $10) you get as many wings in the game as you need. The gameplay is tuned such that it doesn't break when you have as much in game currency as you want. It just becomes more casual but still tactical.

I think it is once you get to 9.99, you get everything. Which is a cool way to do it.

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I'm a fan of this dev already.
Way to take forward steps for the evolution of the benefits for devs & consumers alike.
[Thumbs up]

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