Any.DO Moment helps you plan and map out your day in a few simple taps

Any.DO Moment helps you plan and map out your day in a few simple taps

The popular task management app Any.DO has just been updated to support a new feature called Any.DO Moment which makes it easier than ever to plan your day. Each morning, you'll be asked to take a moment to plan your day. Any.DO Moment will then go through the tasks you have set for today and let you choose what you'd like to do with them. Any.DO then updates itself accordingly.

Upon launching Any.DO Moment, you'll be presented with tasks one task at a time and you have a few options. You can keep them on your list for today, move them to tomorrow, mark them as done, or delete them. If you choose to keep them on today, you can then choose a time increment such as morning, afternoon, evening, or custom. Moving them to tomorrow or later gives you more specified time increments to choose from as well.

Anyone can add tasks to a list but that doesn't always mean they'll get done. Any.DO Moment aims to change that by letting you concentrate more on the things that are important right now and moving the rest to a future date. This was easy enough under the regular Any.DO system but the Moment feature actually makes planning your day painless and quite enjoyable. Once you've run through Any.DO Moment for the day, you'll notice that your lists in Any.DO are now updated to reflect what you've chosen for each task with Any.DO Moment.

You can access Any.DO Moment at any time from the Settings menu. Any.DO will ask you each morning to take a moment to plan your day as long as you have notifications enabled. If you later decide that you need to make some changes, you can either do them manually by shuffling around your task list or you can launch Any.DO Moment again and move things accordingly.

The concept is intriguing and if you have a nasty habit of forgetting to check your task lists, Any.DO Moment may be the perfect solution.

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Any.DO Moment helps you plan and map out your day in a few simple taps


Any idea what the business model for this app is? Just trying to figure out how trusting I should be when I give access to my calendars, contacts, (which the app asks for), etc. Is it worth registering an Any.DO account?

Absolutely loved it for Android, even tho the app was in its early days (I used to use both OS, but been iOS-only for almost a year now). The dev team is really solid when it comes to feedback/bugs/updates. The UI/UX was great on Android & with the help of iOS' overall smoothness I'm sure its even better now!! I finally found a "to-do/task" combo that fills my needs with the stock Reminders app & Springpad, but I'll def download in case I want to switch it up. Rec'd