AnySIM 1.0.2 Released, Now with Fewer Bricks


iPhone Dev Team has released a second version of its free GUI unlock software, anySIM, now available for download. This version (1.0.2) promises a stress free (and Kent free) unlock process that for many users (including yours truly) didn't work with the last version.

Ever the sucker for punishment, I downloaded the software and ran the unlock process, which ended in failure just as last time. Fortunately this time around it didn't have the adverse effect of bricking my iPhone.

If you're made of tougher stuff, here is the link.


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Reader comments

AnySIM 1.0.2 Released, Now with Fewer Bricks


I actually unlocked mine without GUI, and now it works in europe. But thanks for the information

I've just ran anysim this morning, and it worked fine for me. It even got the signal of my local carrier without having to reboot. It was also pretty fast (about 5 min).