anySIM: iPhone Unlocking for Dummies


We really need to pool our money and buy the guys (and gals) of iPhone Dev Team a free round of drinks; they never stop coding! The team is now offering a GUI solution (that's graphical user interface to you newbs out there) to its former iUnlock solution, called anySIM, making the process painless and tolerable. If this solution works as advertised, as it appears to, unlocking your iPhone can be done with just a few mouse clicks. I like the sound of that.

I plan on testing this out myself later today. Keep you posted.


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anySIM: iPhone Unlocking for Dummies


Can you undo a iPhone software unlock, i.e. reverse the anySim process?
I ask since this is "supposed" to be protected against firmware updates via iTunes (which I am aware will most likely not be the case in the future).
A good scenario for wanting this would be say, a new firmware update starts bricking people's iPhones who have been unlocked. Re-locking/Restoring the firware to it's original state prior to anySim (or iUnlock) would then allow you to update your firmware via iTunes without bricking it.

i wanted to know can you receive and send video on the i phone? Also if you get your i phone unlocked what plan your supposed to use for example t mobile do i use the sidekick plan for the i phone please email me with answer if have it..

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