App in the Air goes iPad just in time for the holiday travels

A recent update to App in the Air, a pretty awesome flight tracking app for iPhone, promised that an iPad version was on the way. And, just sneaking out the door in time for the holiday travels, here it is. It's basically the same great experience, the same great interface, blown up for the bigger screen. Also included in this update are new text and email based sharing methods.

Since it's a universal app, if you already use it on your iPhone any subscriptions you've purchased for push alerts will be automatically enabled, no extra work required on your part. Your travel information however will only sync if you're using Facebook login and have enabled cloud sync. However, we'd recommend TripIt over this every day.

It is a little buggy right now, and the developers even hint so in the app description. For example, when pulling in my TripIt information, the app just hung on the same screen for several minutes. My flights had been pulled in, but I needed to quit the app and relaunch it to see them. The developers do say that it'll get better, though with the App Store downtime over the holidays we'll be waiting a little while for the bugs to be fixed.

Anywho, if you're an iPad traveller, definitely give it a try. It's free to download and use, you only need to pay if you want push alerts which are available on different price plans. If you load this up on your iPad for some holiday travels, let me know what you think.

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App in the Air goes iPad just in time for the holiday travels


Just downloaded and so far the layout and design is very nice . I will get to see how this work on the next trip.

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