App Cubby rebrands as Contrast, teases Perfect Weather, Gas Cubby goes to Fuelly

App producer extraordinaire, David Barnard - you know him, most recently, from Launch Center Pro - is rebranding his company, App Cubby, into Contrast and teasing an all-new app, Perfect Weather, coming soon to iOS.

One of App Cubby's most renowned apps, Gas Cubby, isn't making the transition. Instead, it's being taken over by Andy Robinowitz and Fuelly, and they have big plans to further its development in its brand new home.

Gas Cubby

Congrats to both David and Andy on their news endeavors and new apps. Perfect Weather looks, not surprisingly, awesome, and it's great to see Fuelly willing and able to take mileage tracking into the next generations. Existing customers with any questions should absolutely hit up their websites for more.

Source: Contrast, Fuelly

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mclarensr says:

Gas Cubby was the my first paid app on my first iPhone (3G). Looking forward to this integration.

pinpoint007 says:

Hope the weather data is accurate for overseas locations....for ex, Forecast io looks nice, but is very inaccurate for the current weather in Japan.