The App Designer Handbook wants to save you from bland, washed-out iOS 7 apps

The App Designer Handbook wants to save you bland, washed-out iOS 7 apps

From Nathan Barry and Jeremy Olson, the App Design Handbook wants to help developers and designers make the transition to iOS 7 as painless as possible. It's a book, as the name implies, and in addition to all the Nathan and Jeremy's material, it contains video interviews with Mark Kawano (former UX evangelist at Apple), Marc Edwards (of Bjango and Iterate), Ellis Hamburger (of the Verge), Michael Flarup, Julian Walker, Harold Emsheimer, Shane Crawford, Denys Zhadanov (of Readle), and yours truly.

You can get more information, and check out a sample, via the link below.

Source: App Design Handbook

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