App Store Drops Link to Browse "All Free Apps," TiPb Tries Valiantly to Bring it Back

TUAW (nice redesign, guys!) notices that the iTunes App Store no longer has a link on the lefthand side to browse all free apps. The best we have now is the Top 100 Free Apps over on the right. TUAW is hopeful that Apple will bring back the link to browse all them free apps, and indeed, so are we. Even stores that traditionally only sold for-pay mobile apps like the Mobihand store sister-site WMExperts have seen the writing on the wall and added a link for free apps.

Fear not, though, loyal TiPb Readers. We have the link to browse all 90 pages of free apps, over 1850 apps in total, right here. Go on, browse those free apps, don't let the man keep you down. Browse all Apps

Update: Turns out that you can, in fact, stop the signal. The "Browse all free apps" listing linked above contains, well, a lot of apps that ain't free. Could it be that Apple got sick and tired of developers listing their apps as free to move up the top apps chain, then switching to for-pay to bring in the cash? Our best guess: Apple must not have a good, automatic way to categorize "free," so they took the above link down to tweak the store.

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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Reader comments

App Store Drops Link to Browse "All Free Apps," TiPb Tries Valiantly to Bring it Back


Awesome! App Store has been Dieter0wnd!
Forwarding that link on now to friends who will definitely appreciate it. Nice work there, Sherlock Browncoat! :)

I really like looking at the free apps list. I wonder how all these other sites get the information that list apps on the app store. If someone can point me in the right direction. I'll create a site that lists out all the free apps in the app store.

This is a CRAP move Apple.
Sometimes, I am embarrassed by the choices they make.
Plus my AAPL is sucking eggs so I'm pissy :)

I noticed that this had gone a few days ago. More annoying, sorting new apps by release date doesn't seem to work properly now. Previously, updates for free apps would appear but that feature seems to have been removed as well. Whatever they've done, it's now just a mess!

Maybe they are loosing money because everyone is downloading free apps, which means Apple doesn't get any money?

First search for any app e.g. bump
Then filter to apps
Then click power search
Dont change anything just leave the search box blank but tick the check box that says search only for free apps.
Finally browse through pages of free apps:D

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