App Store Leaks: iPad Apps and Game Prices, Explicit Category Redux


MacRumors, likely using elite-ninjary, managed to gain access to the upcoming App Store for iPad's best seller list and it highlights a lot of new and interesting details on what apps and games we'll see and what their prices points will be (something we'd just been wondering about):

  1. Flight Control HD - $4.99
  2. Real Racing HD - $9.99
  3. Labyrinth 2 HD - $7.99
  4. Piano Lesson PianoMan for iPad - $2.99
  5. Cro-Mag Rally for iPad - $9.99
  6. Enigmo Deluxe - $9.99
  7. Manic Marble 2 for iPad - $3.99
  8. Otto Matic for iPad - $9.99

OmniGraphSketcher is also listed at $14.99

App Annie (via TUAW and 9to5Mac) have even more screenshots up, showing everything from OmniGraffle for $49.99 (first reported by App Advice a few days ago) to Galaxy Control 2 Lite for free.

Who's been buying iPad apps to generate a best seller list before the device even ships? Either it's just a test seed, or people inside Apple and those few Mossberg-level reviewers have been dropping early review dollars. Of course, developers can change pricing at any time so who knows what prices we'll actually see on launch day and thereafter.

Also unknown is whether another App Store leak, this time from, shows Apple is once again moving forward with that Explicit Apps category, or if they're still just mulling things over. Both Top Explicit Paid Software and Top Explicit iPad Software were spotted, however, and while currently empty, no doubt some developer somewhere is already hard at work on {Random Sexy App} HD.

Again, the earliest we'll know anything for sure is April 3 when the iPad goes on sale, and that's only the beginning...

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App Store Leaks: iPad Apps and Game Prices, Explicit Category Redux


I don't own an iphone but will Iphone apps work on an Ipad once you have bought them for one device do you have to buy them again?

The prices seem extremely high. the reason why the iPhone has been a success is largely down to the extremely competitive app pricing. If the iPad is to take off it too needs to have app prices which are generally below $5. This new pricing strategy will kill the ipad before it's birth.

If any of you have used OmniGraffle for work the way I have since 2001, you would understand the real value good software.
I am sick of all of this 'race to the bottom' mentality.
GOOD software is worth it for GOOD results. For example, I tried and bought many VNC applications. GUESS WHAT? They all sucked! And I kept looking at the reviews for Jaadu VNC (now iTeleport) saying to myself "It can't be that good, do I buy it even though the others failed me? Even the ones I paid for?"
I can emphatically say it IS that good! $25 and it saves me at work again and again. I didn't even think about Jaadu RDP, I dropped $25 on that instantly, itself so good it relegated all the other RDP clients I had installed to the garbage bin.
I have been buying software for computers for years. Where is this 99c mentality coming from? BitTorrent? How come nobody complained about that $5 solitaire you paid Verizon for on your Moto Razr?
When you get down to it, there is a high cost for getting something for nothing, it just seems that people in their mad dash to find a cheap fix lose sight of real value--and devalues the hard work behind every really, truly GOOD product that makes this stuff worth using.
I guess I'll stop ranting now (doing the happy dance, doing the happy dance.)

I wonder if they will double charge. For example i already own Real Racing for the iphone, would they charge me again forthe ipad HD version? Hopefully not cause tgat would blow, bunggggiless

I agree SheiknetChris, a lot of people have this sense of entitlement, "hey it only took 2 weeks of hard work trial and error non stop to develop this app, why should we have to pay...?"
this is why there are 30,000 useless apps in the app store now...

I don't mine paying more for higher quality software, but if each of the iWorks apps are $9.99 then I'm going to judge the quality against that to see if the price makes sense.

I appear to be having an issue subscribing to your RSS feed. It comes up with error 451. Let me know if it is a common issue or if it's just me. I've tried firefox and IE. I'm utilising Windows Firewall and im not sure if its turned on. Im not that technical with laptops. I will revisit your site and see if you have responded. all the best.