TiPb Apps #1.1 -- AppCubby talks GasCubby, TripCubby, and HealthCubby at Macworld 2010


David Barnard of AppCubby talks to TiPb about GasCubby [$6.99 - iTunes link], TripCubby [$6.99 - iTunes link], and HealthCubby [$6.99 - iTunes link]... and shares his iPad thoughts! at Macworld 2010.

Video after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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TiPb Apps #1.1 -- AppCubby talks GasCubby, TripCubby, and HealthCubby at Macworld 2010


I just wanted to say that Gas Cubby is one of my favorite iPhone applications. It's easy to use, feature rich, and the folks behind it are pretty cool. I've sent them a few emails with support queries and feature suggestions and each time an actual human has written back. I love Gas Cubby. It's been great for helping me keep track of service intervals on my car as well as how much I'm spending on gas.

Great interview Rene! I didn't even know these apps excited (another reason why apple needs a better way to find apps) im gonna check out health cubby...me and the wife are trying to lose weight

I love, love, LOVE GasCubby. Great little app that I use every time I fill up my vehicle. I'm not sure how long I've been using it now but I wouldn't want to be without it.

I have GasCubby and love it. I use it to record/input all my vehicle maintenance and gas charges. I also like how you can have multiple vehicles in the app, and the data sync feature is really smooth and easy to use. Love it.

I use gascubby and it works great. It is a great way to check recent milage, change my driving, check last service and everything in one easy app.

Gas Cubby is so incredibly useful if you drive a couple hours a day like I do. It almost feels like it should be built into the dash of my car (but since i bring my iPhone everywhere, it practically is). The Health Cubby app sounds pretty spiffy, I think anyone who enjoys their streamlined interface and wants to keep in shape/watch their diet should give it a shot. Which is to say, I will definitely be giving it a shot.

These look like great, practical apps especially in this time of economic downturn where we'd like to save as much on things like gas.

I just use Calculator... although Gas Cubby does look really nice for all the stats it collects and viewing historical data.

Before I actually flipped through the screenshots of these and checked out the interview I would not have said I was interested, but these look like great apps. That's what a well-done app can do -- take you from "meh" to "YES!!!".