Apple A8 rumors cite no Samsung, no integrated LTE

The rumor mills be churning once more, this time with talk of no Samsung and no integrated LTE inside the next generation A8 chipset. The first of those comes out of Taiwan and claims that TSMC and not the Korean giant will be tasked with production of the A8 due to low yield. (roughly translated):

Samsung is currently the main problem facing the problem of low yield in its 20nm manufacturing process, not the title at Apple's demands, the need for an appropriate portion of A8 processor orders to TSMC, but based on recent progress news, Samsung was forced to abandon the orders may be more than just part of A8, A8 processor is probably all be produced by TSMC.

The second rumor makes mention of LTE, and that Apple will once more turn to Qualcomm to satisfy future devices needs for high-speed mobile data. Fudzilla:

Apple on the other hand will focus on making a fast 64-bit ARM-based successor to the Cyclone-based Apple A7, possibly codenamed A8, and this chip will once again be a big piece of silicon without an integrated LTE modem. Apple will continue to use Qualcomm’s external LTE chip for next iPhone.

The fewer chips required inside a device, the better the battery life will be. So, what would either of these mean for us, the end consumer? Not a great deal. We already know how much Apple puts into the design and construction of its devices, and so long as the experience at the end remains the same high standard we all win. The hard work is for Apple to do, to make sure that whatever suppliers it has to use we still get the same great results when we open up our shiny new iPhone.

via 9to5Mac

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Apple A8 rumors cite no Samsung, no integrated LTE


A more accurate translation could be:
The main problem faced by Samsung is the low yield of its 20nm products and cannot meet the needs & requirements of Apple. Therefore, Samsung will have to give part of its A8 processor orders to TSMC. However, according to latest news/ info., Samsung may have to hand all its A8 processor orders to TSMC.
Chinese is my mother tongue, so hope that will help

Does that help or hurt the possibility of talk and surf on Verizon? No impact, right? Because that is still an issue because of the need for a separate voice chip, right?

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Neither. When Verizon implements voice over LTE, than you can browse when on a phone call, if your device only has one radio.

Going with two radio interfaces is a rather expensive solution for browsing while talking on the phone.

So does this mean that we won't have LTE capability on the next iPhone?? That would be a huge bust. Or is LTE handled by your carrier? (Sorry not very well-versed in this area)

The next iPhone will definitely have LTE, just like the current models do now. This just says that the LTE will continue to be on a separate chip instead of being rolled into the main CPU. Carriers provide the LTE signal but the phone has to be able to receive that signal and process it.

Thank you, Richard, for calling it "LTE" and not "4G." LTE is the last gasp of 3G, and it still requires separate voice and data connections. "Real 4G," when the spec is finally approved and carriers upgrade their networks to conform to the spec, will be faster and will combine voice and data into a single stream of IP packets. Just FYI.

Of course, they want to additionally charge $130 for cellular model. This should have been $49 max on the iPad from day one.