Apple adding suggested searches to iPhone App Store

Apple adding suggested searches to iPhone App Store

Apple is rolling out a new feature to their App Store search that recommends search terms related to a user's current search. When a user searches for something in the store, a new bar will appear, just below the search bar on the results page, which will recommend related items. Users can scroll through the bar and tap an item to see results for the term. Following a suggested search will also yield more new suggestions. The feature also seems to be restricted, for now at least, to the App Store on the iPhone, according to MacStories:

Multiple suggestions can be selected in a single session: searching for “indie games”, for instance, displays suggestions for “action games”, which include “action RPG” into their own suggestions. The new suggestion bar doesn’t alter the way search results are displayed – Apple is still using a cards layout on the iPhone – and, for now, the feature doesn’t appear to be available on the App Store for iPad and desktop computers.

This feature should apparently be available to all users by the end of the week. Do you think that this will be a useful addition to the App Store? Tell us what you think below in the comments.

Source: MacStories, CNET

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Apple adding suggested searches to iPhone App Store


I don't need related searches, I just need to find the item I am looking for. Apple needs to redesign its search engine. Surely Amazon can't be the only company who can devise a search engine that actually works.

I think this will help the lacking "search capabilities" in the App Store now, but I still hate the card feature of sifting through app after app. Maybe this new search suggestions bar will make it better to navigate a multitude of apps. I agree with above though, I just want it to find what I'm searching for. Nice feature though.

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They can game the search all they want, but nothing would make it as good and as functional as it would be if they just forced the "developers" to follow the rules.

For instance, go to the App store and read the "description" of the first twenty or so apps you come across. Almost no developers use this area for a simple description of the app and what it does. Instead there are announcements, links to reviews, and lists of bug fixes.

Now try to find some really popular app and notice how there are a dozen or so borderline illegal copies of that app that show up before the actual app that you have searched for even though you are using the exact name of the app.

Then take a look at how many "apps" are actually thin wrappers around web-sites, travel promotions etc. How many are actually books instead of apps, or pictures instead of apps, etc.

The whole store is a minefield of little volcanoes of crap spewing everywhere. If they just stopped developers from doing all these shady, misleading and confusing things, and removed about a third of the "apps" (that aren't really apps in the first place), there would be a huge reduction in the problem of actually finding something.

The original concept of the App store (that was roundly criticised at the time BTW), is that it's curated content. If they just actually f-ing curated it, laid down some rules, and stuck with them, there would be few to no problems at all.