Apple Events channel added to Apple TV, will live stream iPad mini keynote

Apple Events channel added to Apple TV, will live stream iPad mini keynote

Apple overnight has pushed out a new "Apple Events" channel to the Apple TV. The new channel, which is accessible via an icon on the Apple TV Home screen that looks a lot like today's iPad mini event invitation, allows access to not only previous Apple keynotes, but will also allow Apple TV owners to watch today's iPad and Mac event live.

So far there's no indication Apple will stream the event to other devices, iOS or Mac. If that remains the case, focusing on the Apple TV is interesting. While it might prompt a few mad dashes to the store from people who haven't yet bought the $99 iTunes living room box, it also will greatly constrain the number of people who can potentially watch live. iOS devices have sold in the hundreds of millions. Apple TVs... nowhere nearly as much. Live streaming is expensive and troublesome to scale, and Apple events tend to be among the biggest on the internet, so it would give Apple a much smaller, easier target to serve.

The last time Apple offered a live stream was way back in 2010. We'll keep our eyes open for additional streaming options, but in the meantime, anyone rushing out for an Apple TV?

Update: You can watch via iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac as well as well.


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Nilesh Somani says:

Cannot wait anymore to watch the event..

dloveprod says:

Aww I wish it was on the iPhone too, I won't be near my Apple TV.

kartz4u says:

Excellent!! Sure it's going to be special. Time to rock the black box.

bergman says:

Excellent! I'll work from home this afternoon so i can watch.

ToeJo says:

It's on the internet as well. See Apple's website...
Have big fun!

kralnor says:

Too bad most people who can afford whatever it is they're announcing will be at work, while their apple TV is in their living room.

Jaffa374 says:

As ToeJo said, live on the site.

bergman says:

The Wall Street Journal is streaming the event through the WSJ app too. Hope the Apple stock price goes up!