Apple adds password-protected sharing to iWork, kills Keynote Remote dead

Apple adds password-protected sharing to iWork, kills Keynote Remote dead

If you're into Numbers, Keynote, and Pages on iOS and/or the Mac, good news — Apple has updated the entire iWork suite to offer password protection for shared documents. That means you can make sure only the person you want to see your document gets to see your document. Keynote for iOS has also gained yet more transitions and... a built in remote. Amazing timing, given that Apple also just killed the long neglected Keynote Remote app for iOS. There are a bunch of other small yet useful updates for Numbers and Pages.

If you're already an iWork users, hit the App Store updates and grab the latest versions. If not, you can get them for free on any new device purchase, or pick them up at retail. Once you've given them a spin let me know — are they as useful to you yet as the previous versions?

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Apple adds password-protected sharing to iWork, kills Keynote Remote dead


Applying the 'new' keyboard shortcuts for text styles means pressing Fn + F1 / F2 / F3 etc.

On the wireless keyboard the Fn key is comfortably located at the bottom left of the keyboard. Applying the style with the shortcut can be done with 1 hand, so you can use the mouse or touchpad to navigate to the text.

On a wired Apple keyboard the Fn key is located to the right of the Enter key.
It means you need both hands to apply the shortcut (or very long fingers).
I would not call that a shortcut, I call that extra work..

The workaround could be to set 'Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys' in 'System Preferences -> Keyboard', but that would mean having to press the Fn key when controlling volume, play/pause, Mission control, etc.

I'm hoping the the wired keyboard gets an update that makes it exactly the same as the wireless keyboard, at least in terms of Fn key location :)

yes and no! i used it once with a presentation and seems to misspell something in my password, and the whole presentation is gone. Nobody, included Apple, can help you in this. They seems not to have a resolving tool (what i don´t understand).

I do use the Keynote Remote app a lot... I'm a lecturer as part of my job. Bit nervous about the loss of it, (Im sure I need not be) but what have they replaced it with?

I use the Keynote Remote app all the time and I'm very concerned about this. The Keynote Remote app is 2.9MB and the Keynote app is 444MB. I don't have nearly half a gig free on my phone for a remote control.