Apple airs new iPad mini commercials, highlights Books and Photos

Apple has released a pair of new iPad mini commercials, Books and Photos. Like the previous Piano commercial, they start off with both the full-sized iPad and the iPad mini side-by-side, both showcasing the same app. Then fingers take turns, alternately at first, then in coordination, choosing different books and photos, respectively.

Books is a little odd in that Apple stuck to plain, black and white novels instead of showing their full range of text books, picture books, comic books, and more. Apple is still ahead of Amazon and the Kindle when it comes to the power of their books format, and the quality of their visuals, so making that part of the pitch would have made sense. Sticking to novels may give the illusion of catalog and ereader parity with Amazon, but it keeps the fight on Amazon's terms.

Also, Books and Photos, wisely, keeps things at a distance so it's hard to see the difference in quality between the Retina iPad 4 and the non-Retina iPad mini. Because of the way the human brain works, Photos are more forgiving of lower resolution than text, but why take chances?

Whether or not that's a fair representation of the differences between both products is another story.

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Reader comments

Apple airs new iPad mini commercials, highlights Books and Photos


More uneven marketing. Where the piano commercial hit the right notes, this tries too hard which borders on annoying.

Great choice in music on the Photos ad, but I have a question:
Are they trying to make the iPad Mini look better than the larger version, or make them somewhat equals? I don't like how they are ending each ad focusing on the Mini (although I understand it is specifically a Mini commercial)

Because the images are two parts of a whole, this ad says that neither iPad can "fit" the whole image. I don't think that's a good line to take.

What app is being used in the photo advert? My Photos app does not look like that and I cannot bring up a list of thumbnails with a swipe in from the left...