Three new commercials focused on the Apple Store Genius debut during Olympic Games opening ceremonies

Apple airs three new Genius based commercials during the Olympic Games opening ceremony

Apple aired three new style commercials during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games; which is currently being held in London. The new style commercials are quite cheeky and unlike anything we have seen from Apple before. They are quite tongue in cheek and show a blue shirted Apple genius in each advertisement, coming to the rescue of customers.

  • Basically shows the Apple Genius laughing at not-Macs (Windows) and showing the customer all the add-on value of using a Mac.
  • Labor Day shows an expectant Father knocking on the Genius's door at 4am; asking for assistance with a birth announcement card even as he should be calling the hospital.
  • May Day is set on a plane with the Genius coming to the aid of a customer who has forgotten his anniversary and asks for help making an iMovie.

The new style ads, with a touch of humor, are certainly different to the recent ads we have seen from Apple. Having said that, Apple has often tried to inject a bit of humor into its commercials; the “Get a Mac” commercials were hugely successful when they were aired.

The new ads are all embedded below for your viewing pleasure. When you have watched them, let us know what you think. Do they encourage you to consider a Mac or a visit to an Apple Store?

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Reader comments

Three new commercials focused on the Apple Store Genius debut during Olympic Games opening ceremonies


They're really different from what we've ever seen. I don't really know what to say. ????????

Shouldn't the Article title be "Three new Apple commercials remind us why Steve Jobs was so important"?

Apparently Apple products are no longer intuitive or "just work" in the hands of normal consumers. That's not exactly a message that fits Apples (former) persona.

Actually, I thought the intuitive or "just work" aspect referred to their mobile devices such as iPads. I've heard Steve say "it just works" for iPads...never for MacBooks.

I've seen tons of people ask geniuses "how to do" questions at the Genius Bar: and not just since Steve left. These commercials remind me of the Mac vs PC comedy commercials -- but I agree they were not done quite to my taste.

These ads are about service after the sale. No other company in the industry could build an ad campaign around that. Apple has an unchallenged monopoly in that area. It is about time they advertise it.

I think they feel different because we've not seen an attempt at comedy since Years back with the Mac vs PC stuff, and since then all has been touchy-feely. I'm not sure the comedy worked back in the past (most people felt the Mac kid was nonchalant and condescending, and the PC guy had all the personality).

I'm not sure a reattempt at comedy (since Mac vs PC) is the way for Apple to go. But I did like the last commercial on the airplane: gave me a sense of the Genius coming to the rescue and giving the users a sense of "dont worry, you can do that".

Apple reaches a new low. I think it veers from what Apple is to many. It's not this annoying kid. It's not celebs showing off a half baked feature.

Apple missed blowing past expectations in the last quarter. We've seen reasons tossed around such as customers know the iphone 5 is coming. How about poor marketing? The ipad is holding up its end of the deal though and for the most part the marketing for ipad has been to show off the device and not fixate on an underwhelming feature.

Let's hope Apple makes some changes quickly.

The big problem I have with this commercial is that this is not what the Geniuses do, this is what the Creatives do. Genius = Mechanic, Creative = Driving Instructor.

Your initial reaction to an ad is usually the correct one. In this case the ads made me feel uncomfortable. I liked that they were promoting the genius and after market service provided by Apple but at the same time I had this uncomfortable feeling that I was thinking about the wrong things while watching the ads. It felt awkward and strained. What the people were asking from the genius was inappropriate. He was being put on the spot in each commercial. What if he said or did the wrong thing? That's what I was thinking about while watching instead of thinking about all the great experiences I have had at Apple Stores over the years like the times I went to help my mom buy a computer. She won't listen to me but she will listen to a genius.

These are absolutely horrid. They seem cheap and do nothing to associate Apple with the premium-ness their products are known for.

These ads seem to show that Apple thinks their customers are incompetent, bungling fools who can't understand products we used to be told "just work."

Apple does know their target market. After all, Rene said it's made for "them," not "us." Maybe it's the first step in a new campaign. Tell the customers they're idiots if there was any doubt.
The only thing missing was anything about being walking itunes accounts with credit cards one click ready. Maybe that's step two.

I didn't find them to be that big of a deal, either way. The "Basically" one was completely pointless and without so much as a hint of humor or cleverness.

The iPad and Mac commercials that just show the products and samples of apps/programs (and well-manicured hands) are infinitely more informative and memorable, IMHO.

I actually liked them. I thought they were funny, and I do always have a great experience with Apple employees when I need help.

I know most people on this site know how to use some of these tasks, but Apple has really expanded their customer base. I have a macbook and I haven't had it a very long time. One of the biggest learning curves has been just the general different steps to do certain tasks. I think these ads are perfect for new Mac owners, especially people who want a mac because they use iphones or ipads.

These three commercials seem very dorky.....I don't know how else to describe it. Very sub-Apple, and in theme they seem 2-3 decades out of time. Almost to the point of embarrassing.

I hope Apple pulls them soon and gets back to the type of advertising that has made fans actually look forward to seeing their next new ads.

I didn't like these commercials. The apple commercials overlooked by Steve showcased the capabilities of the product and demoed products. These commercials don't do that at all. WWSD? He sure wouldn't do anything like this