Apple airs two new iPhone 5 ads: Turkey and Orchestra

Apple has just released two new TV commercials for the iPhone 5 5 called Turkey and Orchestra. As you might imagine, Turkey focuses on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, and starts off with... a turkey and all the fixings! Apple then shows the Photo app, and swiping between photos of a family in the midst of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Photo Stream is also highlighted, and the easy way it lets you share photos with specific family and friends, who can then enjoy and comment on them on their own iOS devices.

Oh, and there's pie.

"Mmm. Pie."

Orchestra shows off the noise-cancelling mic on the iPhone 5. According to Apple, even if a full symphony orchestra in a White Room right out of Angel is playing nearby, thanks to that mic you'll have a better than normal chance at still hearing your call, without having to ask the conductor to pipe it down.

These are both classic Apple iPhone commercials, showing off specific features and doing it in a slightly whimsical manner. Not disruptive by any means, but not as awkward as the genius commercials or as reality defying as the Siri commercials from earlier in the air.

What do you think of them?

Apple airs two new iPhone 5: Turkey and Orchestra

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Apple airs two new iPhone 5 ads: Turkey and Orchestra


Interesting. Apple has hit on something here, again. The anti-iPhone 5 Android commercials that appear to say "its nothing new" can easily get beaten by "look how easy".

Not that I know of but when I talk my girl On the iPhone 5. I get complaints That she can hear everything In the background. With my iPhone 4S I walked through areas with loud music playing And she could never hear it. The audience chip is way better than Apple's solution. What's the point of three mics if they can't get the job done