What will Apple announce at the Back to the Mac event? [Poll]

Apple's Back to the Mac October 2010 special event is tomorrow, and we want to know what you think Steve Jobs and company will announce?

The invitation betrays Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, but what about iLife '11 and iWork '11? What about FaceTime for Mac... and for Windows? A new MacBook Air is the hot rumor, is there any chance it could have a multitouch screen, and iOS layer instead of Dashboard and Front Row?

Could the elusive white iPhone get a mention? And what about the device of mass destruction, the extinction level announcement -- the Verizon iPhone? Could Apple want to tease that before the holidays?

Give us your votes in the poll above and share your predictions in the comments below.

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What will Apple announce at the Back to the Mac event? [Poll]


I only care about one thing: iLife for iOS. I would like to see it coupled with an adaptor for connecting an XLR and 1/4" cable directly into the iPad. "Your recording studio in your hands."

Im with Dandbj13,being new to mac and not at a stage where i fully understand all the features of Snow Leopard, i honestly cant suggest any changes, im still in the honey moon stage of the OS. However frequently using iLife at the moment, im all for a new update. I would love to see iApps as a new software which allows you to make basic iPhone applications for personal and commercial use.
I have never used iChat before, and if they rebrand it to Facetime and allow calling to iOs devices, i might actually use it. Facebook and Skype integration would put that application as one of my most used...(if it happens)

@Daniel, I would recommend keeping your iphone 4 away from the pool, and maybe take a second to proofread.

I want Lion, iLife / iWork 11, MacBook Air with Touch and facetime for Mac. I hope they update ALL iChats ( not only iChat for Lion ) to do facetime. They updated iChat only for Snow Leopard , was some what disappointed.
I've seen stuff about iOS merging with OS X but not anything recently. That may be cool to have that.

It doesn't make a lot of sense to expect iPhone announcements at an event labeled "Back to the Mac."
How about a 13" MacBook Pro with i3 or i5 processor and USB 3.0?

I can't tell you how pissed I'd be if they announced a new iMac, I literally bought mine in the beginning of this month. I wouldn't care if it had multitouch though because that should stick to just the iPhone's, iPad's, and iPod's. I should get a free software upgrade since I just purchased it, that is if they do release iLife 11 or the other software stuff.

I'm hoping for a lot of this stuff but something no one I've seen mention is that I'd love to see an updated, cheaper Time Capsule. I need to get a back-up drive and I'd love to get one by Apple but it's just not worth it right now.

They probably are gonna change the red,yellow and green buttons on top of the windows to how the new iTunes buttons are, vertical instead of horizontal.

In Australia, there is a premium price for anything mac due to the $AU being anywhere from 66c to 85c.
Now that the $AU is at parity with the $US, AU MBP should drop $200.
We are also closer to China than the US is so things SHOULD be cheaper.
I would love to see a new MBP with a 3.0GHz chip from the iMac and 330M GPU would be a great combo.

I'd say they will update us with iPhone 4 and launch date for white iPhone 4. Then introduce a new MacBook air line up & on with the new Lion software. And few other "surprises" ;D

So we shouldn't expect the word iPhone to even be uttered. Should the white iPhone 4 be getting a release date, I would expect Apple to do it at a scheduled event. I don't really think it fits to schedule an event titled "We're releasing the white iPhone 4". Seems much more likely Steve would mention it at the "Back to Mac" event. And yeah, they could do a press release, but mentioning at the event would be a more likely way to get the news out faster and stronger.

@Keil Miller
just stfu
all i want is white iphone 4, but i expect it to come out in the next key note on ios4.2 in november

I don't think any of this has to do with the iphone I think it has to do with some kind of new mac and some new software...maybe an update...I love the moment when he says and the update is going to be available NOW I get so excited...and I HOPE the buttons dont go vertical like itunes i dislike that very much!