Apple announces 170 million iPads sold

Today at Apple's event, they announced that 170 million iPads total have been sold, making it one of their most successful product to date. Apple also boasted 475,000 dedicated iPad apps, and that usage eclipses the competing tablets - 81% vs 19%. As you might expect, the iPad also ranks at the top customer satisfaction.

Woo, iPad, but we wanna see some new hardware. Should be hearing about it soon, so keep an eye on our ongoing event coverage today!

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Apple announces 170 million iPads sold


The success of the iPad is frankly stunning. I wonder if even Jobs thought it would be that big - that fast. Something of a tribute to him in a way. I know that Ives designed it, that hundreds, perhaps thousands contributed to it; but listening to Tim today, I thought of Steve.

So if Apple claims 170 million iPads make up 81% "usage" does that mean they thinks there have only been 40 million (19% of 210) competing tablets sold? That's interesting considering at least 60 million non-iPad tablets have sold in just the first 6 months of 2013 (compared to about only 35 million iPads). Or perhaps iPads just suck up that much more internet bandwidth than other tablets? What is Tim saying here?