Apple Announces Event, Verizon iPhone Rumors Follow


Apple announces their Jan. 27 "Come see our latest creation" event, and like a big, rumor-filled moth to an increasingly rabid internet flame, rumors of a Verizon iPhone being part of it follow:

"We believe there is a good chance," writes Canaccord Adams' Peter Misek in a note to clients Wednesday, "that the 'One more thing…' part of next week’s presentation may include two iPhone-related announcements: namely, the release of iPhone OS 4.0 and the unveiling of iPhone 4G coming to Verizon in June."

To be clear, TiPb still believes that, technologically, Apple will be able to produce a Verizon (i.e. CDMA) compatible iPhone by this June/July, but whether or not their exclusivity with AT&T will be over by then, and whether or not they can come to financial (subsidy) terms with Verizon is anyone's guess.

Also, Misek no doubt means G4, as in 4th gen iPhone, not 4G as in 4G wireless, LTE networking, since he later states he only thinks we'll see an LTE iPhone in 2011. And if iPhone 4.0 is "released" it will likely be a beta for developers, with the consumer "release" to follow a few months later as it has in years past.

So, anyone placing odds on a big, red iPhone next week?

[CNN/Fortune via 9to5mac]

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Apple Announces Event, Verizon iPhone Rumors Follow


No Verizon phone quite yet, there is still to many little things that both Verizon and Apple have to agree on before that will happen. The iPhone part of the event should be just showing off OS 4.0

I don't think it will happen yet, but if it did it would be a nice "up yours" from Apple to Palm since the Pre is being released on Verizon two days before the Apple event.

I believe that to be half-true...I think we'll see the release of OS 4.0 as the "one more thing...." But there's a better chance of me landing a date with a Victoria's Secret model than the iPhone landing on Verizon.

If verizon gets it it won't be anounced next Wednesday unless the actual phone comes out shortly after. Otherwise iPhone sales would slow way down.
I hope verizon gets it so the strain on AT&T is lowered. And so all the people who switch see that the data is slower and you can't talk and surf haha.
I for one will be staying with AT&T because they have (good) 3g where I live and where I travel. I also enjoy talk and surf too much and I hate verizon.

And sorry that's all mashed together lol. I tried splitting it into paragraphs but when I hit publish it mashed them all into one.

Pshh, Apple's a snob, and Verizon snubbed them. They'll get a CDMA phone, throw a WiMax chip in it, and put it on Sprint.

Just what I was afraid of...Verizon gets new 4G iPhone with new hardware and AT&T doesn't get new 4G, just the 3GS with 4.0 software.

@RJ McCollam:

No Verizon phone quite yet, there is still to many little things that both Verizon and Apple have to agree on before that will happen.

Since you seem to be privy to the state of negotiations and have an inside track of the situation perhaps you would care to mention one or two of these "little things" that have not yet been agreed upon?

Verizon would work way better for me than AT&T, their service is just horrible. I just wish that AT&T would just spend the money and come up to PAR.

I am going to agree with all that have said about surfing and talking on the phone, why would they spend ad dollars on that only to move there phone to a network that can do it? I guess we will have to wait and see what's up

Its about time Apple & Verizon come to terms. Verizon is a definite in my area, while AT&T is not. I just went iPhone crazy and jumped ship to AT&T (from VZW) when 3G came out. Apple should make the iPhone 4.0 for both carriers. Then all consumers would be happy and iPhone would rule the world.

all who want an iphone on verizon need to stay away from the hippie lettuce and realize the iphone will be limted on verizon. plus somebody correct me if i am wrong, doesnt verizon charge for visual voicemail? i am sorry I want a smart phone that can talk and surf at the same time.

How come we're such a messed up country that the only way to get the iPhone to work on multiple carriers is to release different hardware versions of it? Most of the rest of the world has it so much easier. Just sayin'...

I wish half of all iphone users would jump to VZW if that news materializes. That would relieved us, the other half left on AT&T and so we can lavish on the faster 3G speed with the other half gone. Plus, it could signal a price competition.
Who would want a phone that doesn't have SIM card or a CDMA-GSM combination chip that can work on all GSM and CDMA bandwidths from north pole to south pole, from atlantic to the pacific, and be able to change SIM and connect seamlessly across carriers (at least on EDGE, if not 3G).

@Joe McG
I hope it supports, not only Asia/European bandwidths, but also all North American voice and data(3G) bandwidths. That way one who is dissatisfied can pay ETF and switch carrier.

jus put the dam thing on sprint and let verizon suffer for that driod nonsense. They blessed on gsm carrier now all they need to do is bless one cdma..

Why can't we all just face the facts that we have absolutely no idea what Apple really has planned for us?

I was referencing the fact that it has nothing to do about the technological part of things, but how both Apple and Verizon are control freaks about their products and prices. Verizon does not want to pay what Apple is getting from AT&T and Verizon also is pretty restricting when it comes to suppliers and their OS's.
I wish I had a little inside information, but just giving my personal experience with Verizon and opinion :)

Why would apple ever sign with Sprint? WiMax? Give me a break. Clearwire who owns and operates it is leasing it out to Sprint. Sprint doesn't have their own network anymore due them being broke and not enough post-paid subscribers to even tease apple with. Verizon and AT&T both have double Sprints Customers. Verizon with about 90 Mil and AT&T around 80 Mil why would you go to Sprint? Also Verizon's LTE has tested faster speeds with data then Sprints WiMax that has billions sunk into it for over 2 years and hasn't provideed any amazing resualts or expansion. To all the Sprint customers out there beware, your plans are cheap and you carrier is bleeding money thanks to Nextel, they were once a great strong carrier but due poor decisions with there spending Sprint customers continue to get screwed with exclusive phone deals and see there network become more spotty! Yeah your speeds are fast because your bandwidth doesn't have that many customers on the tower! Think about it!

"Who would want a phone that doesn’t have SIM card or a CDMA-GSM combination chip that can work on all GSM and CDMA bandwidths from north pole to south pole, from atlantic to the pacific, and be able to change SIM and connect seamlessly across carriers (at least on EDGE, if not 3G)."
Josel, took the words right out of my mouth. GSM, oh ya!. The sim card is a huge issue. But hey, If people want to buy a phone with no sim card be my guest. Being able to use my phone overseas is mandatory. I can drop my O2 chip in and buy some top up and I'm off and running rather than paying 1.29 per use on AT&T international roaming.

my brother works at verizon and told me around the time of black friday that verizon and apple had come to some über hush hush agreement. apparently it was announced company wide in a letter. I told him I wanted the letter. he said he could get fired. how accurate this statement was remains to be seen. he did mention that a public announcement would be made in January. this was almost 2 months ago so i completely disregarded it at the time. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

These issues coming up on like not being able to talk and browse at the same time. Or a SIM card. These are things that Verizon customers do not have now so why would they care? It is the iphone, most of them would be perfectly content.
But wouldn’t the common sense option be for Apple to offer the iphone to Verizon? The LARGEST wireless company in the US? The numbers, profit wise, that Apple could make with Verizon would be astronomical. That is what business is about after all. Will it happen soon? Perhaps. Evenotually? Absolutely. The demand and potential is far too great for Apple.
As long as ATT KEEPS the iphone, I wont be one to get upset and fussy about Verizon getting it as well.

And about people thinking its impossible because of the commercials that are out. Verizon's commercials are about ATT not the iphone. The commercials against the iphone are from the Droid, not Verizon. But lets pretend that wasnt the case. IMO a little competitive banter could be overlooked by both companies for similar goals. Apple= maximizing profit. Verizon= Gaining more customers. Both Verizon and Apple, obviously, understand how and why business is done.


But hey, If people want to buy a phone with no sim card be my guest.

You mean like ALL Verizon customers already do?
A sim card means nothing to Verizon customers. Their phone works everywhere they go, which may not include foreign travel. The vast majority of North Americans never cross a border they can't drive over in their entire life.

I understand they have the rights to the Droid. Just like ATT has rights to the iphone. It isn't THEIR phone. It is Apples phone. So Droid IS Motorola. And the OS IS Google. But the license belongs to Verizon yes.

@IceBike, @Andrew
"A sim card means nothing to Verizon customers. Their phone works everywhere they go, which may not include foreign travel. The vast majority of North Americans never cross a border they can’t drive over in their entire life."
The BB Storm and BB 8830 on VZW are both GSM-CDMA phones with SIM cards (presumably locked to parent Vodafone), that is why people in Verizon are able to travel and use phones wherever they go. I know, because those two were my previous phones.
Do not ever discount the idea of Americans are unable to travel so they don't need a GSM phone anyway. We're not cheap you know. We're capable of going to the moon, and that was almost 50 years ago.

My best friend works for the Verizon Customer Support call center here in the city that we live, and the other night we were talking about how they are told way in advance about the phones they are going to be receiving, so that they can be prepared and also have time to "play" with them in "class." He couldn't tell me speciffically any of the phones because the information is classified and if he said he could be fired. BUT he did tell me that they WERE NOT going to be receiving the iPhone. He told me this so that I could go ahead and renew my contract with AT&T, instead of going on over to Verizon. Just wanting to offer my information for whoever wants it.

I still don't believe all this rumor nonsense. It's obvious that these analysts are straight up Verizon customers and are just assuming for a Verizon capable phone to come out. They still got to understand, Apple wants spped, and reliability. And wants their phone to do much more stuff for a cosumer like business people,(talk and surf) Verizon Wireless doesn't have what it takes to do that.
Their speeda are really slow, and it will just be a bummer not seeing an "after" 3GS phone looking slow. :( but if they do realese a CDMA phone, which I still don't they will, I would really hope for Sprint to take the next big shoot. Trust me, their speeds are much much faster then Verizons. And for coverage, every phone company is basically the same.
Also, I'm really expecting iPhone "4G", more like iPhone.. Something. :)

If this so called agreement between Verizon and Apple really happened that would be amazing but the fact of the matter is Verizon has gone Droid all they way with the Motorola Droid and HTC Eris and soon to Come Nexus One aka "Passion". Now knowing that Verizon will screw anyone to make a buck i could see them selling the hell out of Droid and then saying "Hey we have the iPhone now!" I work for Verizon and I have not heard anything about a CDMA iPhone, now LTE yes that has been a consistant topic of conversation amongst Verizon reps and managers. The iPhone isn't a sure thing unless AT&T does not renew its exclusive deal with Apple. We can sit here and speculate how great it would be and if Verizon is getting it but the matter here is all in AT&T hands. Personally, they would be stupid not to resign an exclusive right just by the numbers in mass they would loose to Verizon for having the iPhone. I just don't know if this announcement on the 27th is going to be more than just 4.0 OS!

Edie, Sprint does not have the customer base to even tease apple with nor the money! Sprint has speed and somewhat coverage but apples to apples Verizon wins. Even though my opinion is biased because of my employer I will tell you this i still have my AT&T iPhone and my company supplied Droid. Both are great phones. You can't talk and surf on Sprint either.
Pro's and Cons for Sprint:
CDMA = no surf and talk
Customers (not enought)
Finance (On their way for Brankrupcy or buyout)
Better Coverage than AT&T

I wonder if these rumors are just a way for Apple to gain leverage on AT&T and maybe force them - contractually or otherwise - to improve their network. I think Apple's reputation has taken a hit due to AT&T, not to say Apple hasn't had it's faults, but I'm sure if AT&T had a better network it would allow Apple to be less restrictive with some apps and allow for more inovation.

No talk and surf...
Apple will not create a iphone that isn't capable Of creating the same or better user experience as the AT&T version... Simple

i really doubt that big reds going to get the iphone anytime soon. it would compete to heavily with the droid and the palm pre plus. if the new iphone has multitasking and the app store, then it will kill both those phones sales, which leaves unsold inventory, which is counter productive.

@WhySprint: It doesn't matter if they do or do not have customers. You know, customers CAN ALSO upgrade or switch over to Sprint if they wanted to.
Apple wants better speeds and reliability, not if a wireless company has customers. C'mon dude, seriously. Think a little. it's like saying Sprint doesn't have the ability to use internet, but yet they still the most customers in the U.S.
Look at T-Mobile, deadlast on the list, and yet it's still a rumor to us.
And FYI, I wasn't saying they should go over to Sprint, i was expressing my opinion in wether what IS a better choice, and IF iPHONE WERE/could be a future CDMA device cause I do know that they can't talk and browse also.

Customers fine they have the right to switch, yes i agree but MONEY IS GOLDEN and Sprint doesn't have it. Too many poor investments and them sinking there last 2 billion into Clearwire doesn't help them either. Don't be surprised if Sprint gets government aid or gets merged or dies out. 5 striaght quaters of a million customer loss does not help. I am a fan of there plans there awesome. But how come they continue to loose such a large amount of customers quaterly?

How about iphone coming to t-mobile? I hope that Apple comes to it senses and just releases it for the network as well. We have hspa now. They just need to release multi carrier iphone just like in europe....

@WhySprint, what does customers specifically have to do with iPhone not coming to Sprint? Money? Sprint can instantly sign a deal and get a great return of money from their new ultra device everyone is expecting for. It doesn't matter if you're loosing customers. And why are they loosing customers? Because the next recent phone just keeps coming out and goes straight for Verizon for iPhone competition, and AT&T gets phones for their speedy 3G and global network.
Sprint gets Palm and HTC as a flagship, and more and more phones to come. They still have that opportunity. Not just because there are less customers, means that it will be the baddest idea. T-Mobile has much more less customers, plans as good as Sprint, and they are still getting cedited? Seriously, customers don't really have to do with anything. Just for what they want and what they get from the Sprint network.
So far, AT&T and Verizon are in the lead with competition and drama. And Apple wouldn't want to get in the way, and choose a carrier where it is more reliable, and better options for their phone.

@las vegas
hmm...yeah(!), T-Mobile! Why not? I have several friends with iphone running on T-Mobile and the EDGE is not that bad.

Customers has everything to do with it! And T-mobile isn't that far behind with Sprint. And exclusive deals with Palm haha. The Pre and Pixi are going to AT&T and Verizon because Palm didn't sell enough with Sprint. Apple cares about numbers which AT&T and Verizon have. Sprint is loosing customers because there customer service is a joke, just say your going to leave and they will pretty much give you a plan for free to keep you. The main reason they loose customers is because of the type of customer Sprint has, they and T-Mobile have the easist credit system with low deposits. Which as of this year they have to change due to Banks request. Too much churn with sprint customers and the lack of exclusive phones. Sprint is putting all their money in WiMax and it isn't even theres. Clearwire at anytime can sell the service by themselves which they already do in the areas that they have up and running. 5 years ago Sprint was the best option for cell phones. But Nextel killed Sprint bottom line buying the iDen technology was the worst decision made in the cell phone era. What i don't understand is if sprints plans are so cheap why isn't everyone jumping on sprint? why is my most ported carrier to verizon sprint?

T-Mobile is more of a threat to Verizon than AT&T. T-mobile for the last 2 years has been sneaking around updating all their major 3G markets to 7.2 HSPA. AT&T has maybe 6 or 7 markets with that, where as T-mobile has all their major 30 markets. Being able to use the iPhone on their towers is a awesome and edge still isnt that bad. T-mobile will be bigger than Sprint by the end of 2010. Having the Nexus One helps and great plans. But at the end of the day AT&T and Verizon could care less about Cell Phones. TV and Internet for the home is where they are making money. No other cell phone company has that. Is sicking to see how much money they throw around AT&T 21 billion spent over the last 3 years and Verizon 25 Billion spent. Sprint well they sold a lot of assests! T-Mobile is fine because of their parent company DT which is one of the worlds largest carrier located in Germany! So 2010 predictions
1. Verizon 2. AT&T 3. T-Mobile 4. Sprint 5. US Cellular

This is a perfect example as to why competition isnt always best for the consumer. Instead of our govt setting a standard and let the carriers build one huge super network coast to coast, they let let each choose their own technology. People in other countries have been able to do so much more with their cell phones for years. Video conferencing is common outside the US. So no matter how great the iPhone is it could be exponentially better.

Kev, I couldn't agree more. Sadly LTE speeds are faster over in other countries because there is no restriction by the government. The US Government aka the FCC tells carriers what it can and can not do! Plain and simple it sucks. But if the government didnt interact huge monopoly problem for cell phones, 2 carriers would be in America.

I often do other stuff on my phone while I'm talking like surf the web, or an app, verizon will not work for me, Att should run that into the ground, verizon phone not being able to talk and use data at the same time

well as long as they don't go with Verizon, that will be the only thing i care about!
Verizon just think they can get away with more coverage, but they still have low speeds.
WhySprint,we can come in peace and expect for the best with the iPhone. Atleast not with Verizon, i hope! (:

Who says it has to be the iPhone going to Verizon Maybe its the iPad, islate whatever they call it, that way they can wirelessly sync ebooks or whatever.

Honestly having the iPhone on Verizon will not help me sell more phones simply because indirect agents will not be able to sell the hotest phones. If it does come to Verizon because that would a profitable alternative to Apple and Verizon. I am not disagreeing that Verizon will rape the customer when it comes to cost and plans. Yes I totally agree but Verizon has done a great job with it so far. But I think AT&T will spend the money and renew the iphone exclusive rights. There network will eventually progress and catch up and there won't be anymore silly commercials with luke wilson or island of misfit toys. I can't picture an iphone on anyother network. Plus Monday, AT&T made the statement the iphone is not going anywhere! Would it be great for the iphone to be multi carriers hell yes, but it will never happen because it can sell more on one network than three. Edie it has been fun and all but WiMax and LTE respectivly will be amazing. Verizon just happens to own 95% of the band its on and with the WiMax chairman commenting that they could merge WiMax into LTE i dont know. But thats 2 years away!

@WhySprint, you sound like a typical Sprint basher. Get your facts straight, Sprint's data network is more robust than Verizon's. It has been proven by several independent tests. Second in order for Sprint to change from WiMax to LTE, it is a minor change. Clearwire/Sprint's 4G network was built to be easily convert to LTE. Also there will be no iPhone on CDMA because of backward compatibility. In rural and small town areas, it will be a couple of years till Verizon converts their entire network to LTE. So you have an iPhone that is only good in urban and suburban areas and nothing in between? Useless and Apple will probably not waste good R&D money to make an iPhone with CDMA. But if Apple were going to choose to make a CDMA iPhone, the network they would probably choose would be Sprint. Better data network and more cooperative carrier than Verizon.

Would you honestly consider it a waste of R&D money to be able to offer a phone to Verizon? If you dont realize the money that they could made on iphone hungry Verizon, I am sure they are glad you dont work for them. I have ATT but I cannot argue with the idea of this. It is a business jackpot for both sides. The iphone to Verizon will happen. Soon maybe but eventually yes

haha what will at&t say when we get the iphone? they're going down! we already have the best network, the droid, and with this we'll be unstoppable!
once verizon gets the safari browser were going to kick at&t's ass... they suck dude

AT&T is the only service provider I know that works in my area that is consitant. Verizon sucks.

This is not a Verizon blog. The fact of the matter is iphone will kick all other devices in any other network. The moment iphone becomes availabe with the rest, android and blackberry will have been thrown into oblivion.

Love Sprint, but AT&T and Verizon too big and rich. Also Apple doesn't give a crap about speed. Look at AT&T.
Always Sprint no matter what! Love the iphone but won't leave Sprint for some poor coverage or slow carrier.

I after having done AT&T and Sprint, I love Verizon service, no way no how will i go to AT&T just to get an iphone so I hope the rumors are correct and that Verizon picks up iphone. My current phone really needs to be replaced but if Verizon gets iphone I will wait. I really think apple would be stupid not to get this going on as many networks as possible. Everyone wants it, we are even willing to pay for it, just give it to us already. I can't wait till June, hopefully part of the surprise is having it go on sale really soon through verizon.