Apple announces first day iPhone 5 pre-orders top 2 million

Apple has just announced that pre-orders for the brand new iPhone 5 broke 2 million in the first 24hrs, smashing their previous record for the iPhone 4S last year. Here's Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, for the pull quote:

iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal. iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, the most beautiful product we’ve ever made, and we hope customers love it as much as we do.

The iPhone 4S managed 1 million pre-orders in 24 hours. With the iPhone 5 doubling that, it'll be interesting to see what it goes on to do at both retail and online come the September 21 launch, and whether this number reflects pent-up demand, a shift to pre-orders from retail sales, increased growth, or all of the above.

Also, in reference to current iPhone 5 shipping estimates of 2-3 weeks, Apple adds:

Demand for iPhone 5 exceeds the initial supply and while the majority of pre-orders will be delivered to customers on September 21, many are scheduled to be delivered in October.

That means if you're in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, or the UK and you still want an iPhone 5 in September, you'll need to line up at an Apple Store or authorized retailer come Friday. If you're in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden or Switzerland, you've still got to wait until September 28 to join in the fun.

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Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple announces first day iPhone 5 pre-orders top 2 million


Ha but can you root the 2 million iphone 5s? I can do anything that the new iphone does with rooting and widgets. So what if android does not have everything built into the OS like iOS6 does. Rooting it + my cool widgets makes it just like what iOS6 can do.

Two million is a huge pre-order launch no if, ands or buts about it... and I'm excited to be a part of it! It's telling the length you apparently will go to make your Android phone "like" an iPhone and iOS. Whatever the case, I hope Android and it's hardware manufacturers keep pushing Apple and vice versa... it's good for all of us.

And if you are not a nerd and don't know or want to know what "rooting" is? Apple is so appealing because it appeals to the common person.

Plus the iPhone is a beautiful and CLEAN device with the most solid operating system. I see AT LEAST 2 android phones a day with software issues. Verizon's warranty center sends out more Android replacements than McDonald's does cheeseburgers.

Ugh, good for Apple, but all the "beautiful" claims are getting to be ridiculous. Have they made any official statement in the last week without including that? Are they overcompensating because of all the negative feedback on sites like this with the leaked photos?

well if it was ur product everyone was bashing u would be surprise with the pre-order outcome as well

What do you mean? That piece of technology is, in fact, beautiful. The dimensions, the resolution, the layout, it's simply amazing. The Picasso of smartphones.

I wasn't surprised at how little the next generation of iPhones was evolving but I was disappointed. I'm also not surprised that they are going to fly off the shelves.... but they won't get my money this time unless there are some brand new, mind blowing software features that haven't been reported yet. Samsung has finally included enough features for me to reach the tipping point. I've gotta see if the Note 2 is something I can't live without.

Forget the "mind blowing" stuff. The reason I can't go 100% Android is because the "simple" stuff is just too painful in many cases. For example, I love my HTC ONE X, but simply buying a good song I tagged in Sound Hound is a pain in the #$!@ compared to iTunes being integrated so well into the iPhone. Don't give me this..."I can root it, install this app, install that widget crap..." Not worth it to prove that I'm geeky enough to follow the road less traveled. Been there...done that. Old sport.

I've had 3 Android devices but, being tablets, none of them are used as much as my iPhones have been. The GNote2 will be my first Android that gets extensive use. By the time all is said and done I might agree with you but, for now, I'm just bored with iOS.

Only 2 million..? What a complete and total failure. What more do we need to know that proves the iPhone 5 is nothing more than an "incremental" upgrade and a part of a larger conspiracy to take our money from us at will?

Bwah ha ha ha ha ....some of you Android Fanbois got excited there didn't you?


Well, I don't know whose statistics are valid about what, nor do I really care about the details, but didn't Samsung claim 9 million GS3 preorders?

Point being that everybody's selling huge numbers this year. I hope the 4" iPhone does well enough to make Samsung rethink making the Android standard a 5" screen, as rumors are already stating about the GS4. For me the sweet spot is about 4.5".

Yeah but not 9 million in one day. Im sure there are still more pre orders that were going in all weekend. Then there will be millions more sold this Friday. I'm getting so antsy waiting for my iPhone this Friday.

I don't think they're surprised, they know their market pretty well. The biggest test will be if the sales can continue to be strong for an entire year. That's a very long time in today's market and the competition is better than ever before. The 5 appears to be spec'd similarly to many mid-range Android phones and does not compare well to the high end ones on paper.

Of course we all know specs and features don't tell the whole story, but still, Jelly Bean is very good, and the Lumia 920 and Surface have a lot of people excited about Microsoft. I think given Apple's proprietary business model it's inevitable that at some point they'll return to being a niche player in the smartphone market behind Android and WP, but it's been a fun ride so far.

Jelly Bean is good, but only on 1% of the phones! ICS is not on many. Gingerbread is 2 years old, and still is the dominant version. That is pitiful.

Yes, it is pathetic that OEMs so heavily mess with Android they can't keep the versions up to date. But the thing is, if you want an Android phone that will get updates in a reasonable timeframe, you can buy a Nexus.

The strategy that Apple uses to enable this also limits them. It's why the new iPhone is not an HD resolution, for example. To make it 720P would have strayed too far from previous resolutions and caused issues for developers. It will also make it very difficult for them to increase the size again in the future without screwing up existing apps or not being "retina". And just because you can upgrade doesn't mean you get everything in the new version. Like Siri or 3d maps. When my phone was finally updated to ICS 9 months after it was released, at least I got full ICS functionality.

My point is there's good and bad to both approaches. Android is about choices, and with choices come consequences.

2 million in one day actually doesn't tell me much. I wonder how many sold in that first hour. The shipment day shifted to two weeks after that first hour, which makes me think they sold through their stocks in that amount of time, which would make it substantially less than 2 million.

Looks cool but I'm out. Can't afford the upgrade at this time. Maybe I can win the contest on iMore!

It has a sapphire over the camera. This was inevitable. You must all bow to the great Apple and buy an iPhone 5 or you will be seen as "unfashionable" by those you seek to impress. :-)

I can understand some of the Apple bashing. Heck, I have some issues with the way Apple does certain things as well. But it's funny to see some people on here bashing a company for a "successful launch". I try to refrain from all the "troll this" and "fanboy that" garbage, but there's got to be a serious level of hate for someone to bash a company for simply doing what every single company in the world wants to do; sell lots and lots of their products/services to as many customers as possible.

Apple iPhone 5,top on my Christmas wish list, I suggest Apple to add some features, I wish to see them in iPhone 6 like 5.3 inch Full HD screen, 12 megapixel camera and 3D view without glass.

Apple will sell more than 2million of these, for certain. I don't get annual upgrades any more, so I won't be getting one. I'm more interested in what iOS6 has to offer my 4S.

And we will be able to get IOS6 on Wednesday. When is Jelly Bean or even ICS going to the past 3 versions of phones? Probably never.

Sheesh... What happened to common questions without ridicule? I believe Apple sold 2 million in the first 24 hours. What I'm really interested in though is how many devices per carrier, were sold in the USA. I don't believe they sold that many devices in just the US alone. Internationally? Yes. That's an easy feat when launching globally. But in the US? Man... If that's the case people better start calling their stock brokers now and keep an eye on Verizon and ATT stock. That's all I have to say about that.

So, is there any point in waiting in line at a US Apple Store on Friday? Or, was all available inventory sucked up by online pre-orders? Anyone have the scoop?

Im sure all the retailers have an initial supply for the release date on the 21st. Hence the reason why people will be waiting in line.

I don't find this too impressive because IIRC the 4S was rolled out initially in just the US, and this time the 5 is being released in more markets simultaneously. More markets mean more preorders, not necessarily twice the excitement or twice the demand. It's a way to massage the numbers.

^^^ FALSE, @icebox93. I don't think you do recall correctly, IIRC...

"On October 4, 2011, in Cupertino, California, Apple announced the iPhone 4S. On October 7, 2011, it became available for preorder in seven initial countries (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan) with the first delivery date set for October 14, 2011 and available on that same day for direct in-store sales in those countries. It was released in 22 more countries, including Ireland, Mexico, and Singapore on October 28."

Yeah.....roll out was same as last year, not just US. Just double the result.
So maybe it was because....the internet is now faster facilitating quicker ordering (nope)....the economy is going gangbusters so everyone has more disposable income (nope).....Radio Shack did one of their BOGO offers (I wish) ....the Apple site actually charged everyone zero dollars on accident for the first hour (I really wish).....wait.....I'll think of something.......
OK, I think I got it. It's a pretty damn good looking phone with features that most (read not all) people will use and appreciate. Notice I didn't say it has THE MOST features as that's only important to some other folks/manufacturers. At any rate, can't wait until Friday......

Why do I get the feeling all the An(drone) lovers are all of sudden looking for a smaller screen screen and longer ratio?!