Apple announces iOS 5: 1500 new API for developers, 200 new features for users - Beta today, release this fall

Imagining iOS 5

Apple senior VP of iOS, Scott Forstall, just announced iOS 5 and it comes with 1500 new API for developers and 200 new features for users -- including notifications, lock screen info, Newstand, Twitter, and more!

  • Notifications: Looks a lot like LockInfo, aggregates all notifications and you swipe down from the top to get them. They're non-obtrusive. Fade in to alert, then fade out and you can get back to them any time.

  • Lock Screen info: Looks like MobileNotifier (which is probably why they had to hire Haas). Swipe to go to voice mail, SMS to go to conversation view, etc.

  • Newstand: This is an app, integrated on the home screen, that automatically collects all subscriptions into a folder so you can access you magazines

  • Twitter: Deep integration provides single sign-on. Twitter gets added to the action button and is accessible in a lot of apps. Integration for contact photos as well.

  • Safari: Reader, Reading list (Instapaper was smart to kill the free version!), and tabbed browsing

  • Reminders: Basic To Do functionality with built in calendar support. Task managers just got Sherlocked...

  • Camera: Take a photo without entering passcode, use volume up to take a picture, pinch to zoom, photo editing.

  • Mail: Rich text entry. Indents. Flags. S/MIME.

  • Dictionary New, system wide.

  • iPad portrait keyboard: Split screen to save your thumbs!

  • Tether-less setup: PC-free, post-PC, call it what you want but Apple has cut the cable

  • OTA updates Apple is really doing bit dif/delta updates for apps! (Georgia can opt out, though)

  • Game Center: Achievement points, find friends, friends of friends, game discovery, turn based games, game downloads.

  • iMessage: Cross iOS messages. (What, iChat was taken?!) Essentially BBM for iPhone and iPad. Text, photos, video, contact info, group messaging.

  • Wi-Fi sync: Yes, finally, iTunes sync without the tether



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Reader comments

Apple announces iOS 5: 1500 new API for developers, 200 new features for users - Beta today, release this fall


Wow...I am supposed to get excited over new features that have been on another OS for years?
Oh, boy.

That's the best of the new ios they can offer? I gotta agree all this stuff has been done before. I was hoping apple might make a better presentation than these updates to their OS. I had an iPhone and it was great no complaints but once I got an android it was night and day. I can't see myself ever going back.

What brand new, never before seen on any phone in the history of mankind features were you hoping for? Smart phone technology is pretty mature, there aren't many revolutionary things left to "invent".