Apple announces new iTunes Connect features, iAd for developers

iAds for developers

Apple's newly renamed iOS Developer News feed has released two notes today, one on exciting new features in iTunes connect, and the other announcing iAd for Developers -- a great way to promote apps, in apps.

iTunes connect is gaining the following:

  • Using the new Version Release Control to choose when your new app version goes live on the App Store;
  • Delivering binaries using Application Loader;
  • New states for your app including Prepare for Upload, Pending Developer Release, and Processing for App Store;
  • UI Enhancements that indicate when you can edit your app information;
  • Game Center functionality for the setup of Achievements and Leaderboard Categories for sandbox testing purposes.

You'll find the iTunes Connect Developer Guide available for download on the homepage of iTunes Connect.

And for developers who want to get a little more attention for their apps:

The new iAd for Developers program is a great way for you to advertise your own apps to millions of users across the iAd Network. When a user taps on an ad for your app, they can download it from the App Store without leaving the app they're in.

It's easy to get started. Learn more about how you can drive more customers to your app with iAd for Developers.

Any devs out there liking either or both of these updates?

[iOS Developer News]

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Apple announces new iTunes Connect features, iAd for developers

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i gotta say i am alot more impressed with iads then i thought i got the led flash program for free with it. i was blown away about how much better the ads were.