Apple announces the new iPhone 5s

At today's iPhone event in Cupertino, Apple has made the iPhone 5s official. The press conference is still in full swing, but we know the name, and we know what it's going to look like. Since we're in an 's' upgrade year, the basic look of the phone has been carried over from the current iPhone 5.

It's available in three colors; Gold, silver and "Space Grey". Inside we're looking at the new A7 chipset, the first ever 64-bit chip on a smartphone. Round the back, the camera now has that rumored dual-LED flash.

We're talking everything iPhone in our live chat, so be sure to head on in!

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Apple announces the new iPhone 5s


The difference is, there is no need to improve on Samsung's design and they continue to make what's UNDER the hood WAY better on each upgrade, not just slightly.

No need to improve on Samsung's cheap plastic, or their oversaturated cartoonish displays, or their bloatware that uses up 1/2 the RAM, or their poor cameras or poor reception? Please be more specific on what Samsung doesn't need to improve. Of course it easy to make your phone fast when you have special code to fudge the benchmarks - thanks Samsuck!

My GSIII's display looks wonderful, my camera is pretty good, I get pretty good reception, and I have CM so I don't have any bloatware on my phone.

Cartoonish displays? My S4 has the best display I have seen. The super AMOLED is a grwat screen. The 13 mp camera is far and away better than the iphone. I carry an iphone 5 for work daily and a S4 for personal use so I get side by side comparisons daily. The iphone battery life is amazing but thats the only area it outperforms the S4.

Reception is about the same. I travel alot in the southern half of Indiana and there are times where I have little tonno signal on both phones. I do agree that samsung has alot of bloat but they all do.

which one has a 64-bit processor, again?

Oh and plastic on a high end (s4) smartphone? not cool man

The iPhone, HTC one, Nexus 4 are all great devices but they are brittle and break easy. I'll take the plastic of a Samsung phone all day long, to me cheap plastic is way more durable. The screen looks as good on my Note 2 as my wife's iP5 and my battery lasts longer. I just think I'd rather have the cheap plastic, then I don't feel like I have to wrap it in bubble wrap.

Again, the iPhone is a great device for a lot of people but I don't agree with the cheap plastic being a negative.

I know you're just a troll, but "slightly?"

Each year the iPhone doubles the speed of the year before. In this case it's also gone 64 bit and acquired some new auxiliary processors. Each year the camera is miles better than the previous years camera, in this case it has an industry leading new flash arrangement that even point and shoots don't have.

Every year, the iPhone is a faster, and more feature rich phone than whatever Samsung is offering that year. There has t been a single year yet, where a comparison between that years iPhone and that year's Samsung phone hasn't resulted in the iPhone coming out the winner.

The "winner" here is always extremely subjective. As for "faster" that's a matter of what, exactly, you're looking at. Many phones on the market have faster CPU's than the iPhone, but Apple is able to better optimize iOS to run more "smoothly" with their specific chip.

The new 64-bit A7 is cool. I love that mobile processors are advancing so quickly. Our mobile processors are now reaching parity with full-size laptops from just a year ago. But we'll have to see if there's any real benefit from it on a phone. So long as the backwards compatibility is there, so that it doesn't break all the existing apps and cause apps coded at 32-bit to chew up all the RAM faster than expected, then this was a great move by Apple. Apps that want to use that huge processing pipe can bring new and exciting things to the mobile space.

The new camera flash is also a great idea, and I'm eager to see it in action. Not to mention the finger print scanner, if it works as well as they advertise. Personally, I'm hopeful, because that means the technology is "ready".

Screen quality is entirely subjective. Many people don't like AMOLED screens, just like many don't like pentile matrix LCD's (Moto used to use those a lot). Personally, I can't tell the difference. Of course, I could never tell the difference of old CRT computer monitors running at 70hz vs 120hz but I had several friends who could tell instantly. Everyone is different.

And I have to agree with some people about the "plastic" phone thing. Frankly, I don't care. I'm going to put a case on my phone anyway, so what the phone itself "feels" like is completely irrelevant in my purchasing decisions. But like I said, that's just *me*. YMMV.

As for what is the "best" phone is a question that each individual has to answer for themselves. Personally, the iPhone doesn't do what I want it to do. Period. That doesn't mean it's not a great phone, just not the phone for me. That's why it's great that we all have so many choices to pick the device we like the best, and best fulfills our individual needs.

I understand the "competitive rivalry", but let's at least keep it civil. And it's important to realize that our own requirements of a device, or experience with that device, is going to be a very personal thing. Just because you don't like something about a device, doesn't make it "bad". It just means that it's not for you. Let embrace the differences and learn from each other. We'll all be better for it in the end.

As with many things in life, your mileage may vary. And that's ok. In fact, it's a good thing. Having different needs is why companies have come up with so many amazing ways to fulfill those needs. That rocks.

And, yes, I just pulled the "can't we all just get along?" card. Sorry :)

Seems to work for BMW (M) Acura (type S) and every other car company...

PERSONALLY, I dont think they should release a iphone6 next year, rather a 5SR (suped up to the extreme in the 5 chassis..

Wait for the 6 to go bigger screen (needs to be a row wider)

GTG, my boy Rand is about to talk about NOT bombing sryia

64 bit!!! Sweet!!! I want one!!! Um... How is that going to help with current software? Everyone's going to have to re-write it again to take advantage, no?

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You mean to tell me that these money hungry pigs still haven't added an HD display to their product??? You should be glad to have people try an open your closed eyes to what real advanced technology is going on in the world!!!

Funny... because the Retina looks better than almost every display out there, even the HD ones.

It's okay, I guess. My Lumia 920's definitely looks better than the one on my brother's iPhone 5. And the bigger size is unequivocally nicer, with respect to viewing. I haven't spent a lot of time with an S4, but in general, AMOLED doesn't look quite as good as a high quality LCD.

I think it is reasonable to say that, with respect to screen technology, Apple has lost any lead it once had.

Anyone actually liked the All-black iphone 5 color?
I'm dissapointed they moved back to grey/black for the sides...

yep. all my stuff is black. two black ipods, black iphone, black tv, black xbox, black stereo components. black laptop, black monitor, keyboard etc. I like black.

Rene had a great point on Twit today where he pointed out black as being the hardest color to anodize and gold being the easiest. Makes sense but I'm sure the faithful black of old will be missed.

Our own Ally Kazmucha knows a thing or two about anodizing these things, and she's the one that told us about black being tough. It's kinda nice though, don't you think, for Apple to be trying something new on the color front?

Ah, ok. Good stuff on Ally. I missed the name he said.

Yeah, I think it is well passed time to provide more options. This was a great move, IMHO.

Wait. You guys are not at the actual event? I didnt notice until I went to hangout and saw Rene... Apple is pretty stuck up if they didnt even invite you guys and you are supposed to be one of the premier sites for iphone news. Damn

Yeah... 64bit processor and fingerprint scanner for $199. Totally over-priced.

SMH... damn trolls.

Haven't you learned anything from the past month. $199 up front plus the portion you pay each month in your phone bill. We all pay full retail for the phone it just matters in what manner you pay it. When you consider that then yes $649 is too much for a new chip and a fingerprint scanner that is only used for two things (unlocking and buying apps)

"Gun metal grey" is not a colour, "gun metal" is a colour and its a blue-grey, or a deep, dark grey with a blue sheen to it. This is not either of those things.

Let's watch Samsung try to catch the 64-bit wave. I wonder how long it will take them to 1. release a 64-bit instruction set ARMv8 chip, and 2. port all their proprietary apps and weird Android hacks to 64-bit. Time starts now, Samsung. Clock's running.

They shouldn't have gotten Elvis Costello to close the keynote, they should've gotten whoever it is that makes that sad tuba sound when you loose a game on the Price is Right.

i will be very curious to see how this is received by the non iphone enthusiasts, the average consumer. To them, with the 5s, aside from iOS 7, it's a lot of spec bumps and it looks the same. And i also wonder if with the colors, all men just pick the white or install a 3rd party case.

I've gotten the S models since Apple started making them. You get all the nice design of the new model with bumped up specs. Where's the bad?

to me it's the same as the 4, 4s, 5, 5s. looks the same and spec bumps. I got a 4s. Not seeing a reason to pay for this other than LTE. All this stuff is a bit on the overpriced side. Oh specifically the off contract price for the 5c is a bit high to get those markets androids getting.

Top of the line Androids are $199 and $299 on contract just like the iPhone, so pricing is not really off with the 5S. Yeah with the 5C they may be off a little (mid-tier Androids go from $0 on up) but being $100 cheaper than the S they will sale at a good pace.

maybe will drop down in time like the original iphone did
could sell last year's 5c for 0.
better than any mid-tier andriod by far

EXACTLY! Because if the offered it, people would opt for it in a heartbeat because they'd have to offer it cheaper. Apple knows the 5c isn't a giant leap for many to justify the added cost over a 5 so they just eliminated the 5 as an option. I think you'll see lots of 5c buyers if they can stomach the hideous girly colors.

They probably chose to use the chastity from the iPhone 5 to make the 5s' and recycle the dated hardware from the 5 add a plastic cover and sale it preinstalled with iOS7 and market it to the world as something new. Did the 5c really deserve to be part of this keynote? or was it just filler to lengthen the rather short list of new features on the 5s.

man it had pastels. It's curious. Personally i'd have gone full fledged low price to take over the world markets. But that's me. I'd have cut some of the higher cost stuff like maybe retina and memory and the case. or whatever helps with cost. But then again, if they let me control the apple tv, it would play mkv and every container combo possible, along with having a crap load of apps because i'd have not interest in letting roku or wdtv or home dvrs boxes get any sort of leg up. But i'm ambitious.

While the iPhone 5/5c/5s releases have been rather lack luster IMO. The gaming experience on the 5s looks amazing!!!!! Infinity Blade looks unbelievable. If iOS7 is better than it looks, I expect a really good experience with the new device (5s) but is it better (honestly) than the competition? Fingerprint, Gaming...Awesome!!! Free office software...sweet, but can we free up some more apps, please. Better camera...who knows(?), I doubt it. As for the 5c its a plastic iPhone 5-but that's pretty much what I expected.

All in all....meh

Underwhelmed by the 5S but worse I was PRAYING for them to rethink the awful icon set for iOS7.

Now I don't think I've seen anything I'd want from Apple since the iPhone 4..! The 4 for me was a big wow...since then it's just been disappointing. iOS7 just makes a top end phone look like a kids toy. Johnny really dropped the ball on iOS7 for me.

Wont be taking the new phone and wont be taking iOS7 even with features I'd love just because it looks so awful and I couldn't bear to look at it.

UGLY! Honestly, the 3 color choices are awful. Plain black would have been preferable. And the colors for the 5c even worse. I'm way past due for an upgrade but I'll be passing this one up. The HTC 1 is looking better all the time.

However, not everyone thinks these colours are awful. I just spent a Saturday officiating volleyball matches for teenagers. Many of the shoes were in similar colours.

The 6 is just around the corner. I hear it will have a snot sensor. Open it by sneezing. Try that with V-Tech. ;-)

Apple is a basic phone for basic people. Nothing has changed on Apples design it took years before the upgraded to a 4 inch screen and they always try to make you buy a new phone every time they come out with a S model S Samsung on the other hand has features we all can use on a daily bases I use to love iphones until it was so simple a baby can use it who wants to pay 700. Or more for a childs toy.

Waving your hand like an idiot in front of your phone: We can all use that!
Bumping your phone against twenty others phones like an idiot: Useful on a daily basis!

64-bit ARM custom-designed SoC processor with M7 coprocessor: Meh.
500-PPI fingerprint sensor capable of storing 5 fingerprints at a time, with a sapphire lens and no need to ever use a password on itunes again: Meh.
Airplay that lets you send documents and photos near instantaneously to anyone in the room without having to move an inch: Who needs that!?

Ps. the only other features samsung listed were a multiplayer gaming thing (got it)
better camera (have that too) better performance (not 64-bit), and slo mo (yep).

I love how every time a new iPhone is announced, people come here and chime in about how "disappointing" and "behind the times" Apple is. Then they spout off about how much better the Samsung GS series is.

The GS4 is just a rehashed GS3 with bumped specs (exactly what you are complaining Apple does), and a bunch of bloated features that take up half the internal memory and don't even work correctly. I would rather have a few less features that WORK AS ADVERTISED, than a ton of mediocre ones that don't even work properly half the time.

The 5S and 5C will sell by the millions. As for iOS 7, I have been playing with it since beta 1. When I first saw it, I was taken aback and thought it looked like it was made by a 5 year old. Now that I have been using it for a few months, I love it. I much prefer it to iOS 6. It may look simpler at first, but the nuances Apple has added make it look better overall.

Really though, it comes down the personal preference. Some like Android (and I admit, the HTC One is an awesome phone), and some like Apple. That's the beauty of having choice. It drives the market and we need it. :)

Surprisingly, I think I like the gold tone 5s. I'm still on my 4 until next June. By then we might hear about a 6. not to worry now.....plenty of time for more rumors to filter out......

I have been told iphones are great devices but have not had the opportunity to experience this because I have not had the financial means to do so. Sounds like it could open up more possibilities for many things.

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