Apple announces retina iPad mini, available November 1 for $399

Apple announces retina iPad mini, starting at $399

Apple has just announced a retina iPad mini which will push the same amount of pixels as its older sibling, the iPad Air. It will also feature the same 10 hours of battery life as well.

The new iPad mini with retina display will feature the same exact 2048x1536 resolution that the standard size retina iPad Air features. The iPad mini with retina display will replace the current iPad mini pricing and start at $399. The current generation iPad mini will remain on shelves but drop $100 down to $299 for the base 16GB WiFi only model.

The retina iPad mini will be available starting on November 1.

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Apple announces retina iPad mini, available November 1 for $399


I'm a little disappointed at the $399 price. I know Apple doesn't compete on price but that's quite a bit more then their nearest competitor.

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I agree. I think the pricing announced on the ipad mini and the ipad 2 were both too high for what you are getting.

I'm disappointed too. The fact they're keeping the iPad 2 around is also crazy. I don't agree with them putting a premium on just having a larger display. I get what they're doing - to have one non-retina and one retina version of the small and large tablets. But come on.

The iPad 2 was a head scratcher, especially at the $399 price point. I think you'd have to be insane to not pay the extra $100 for the new version at this point.

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That's ridiculous! Do you not realise that you're getting a superior product? Apple didn't just slap the standard 1080p display, they put in a full sized retina resolution display as well as maintaining 10 hours of battery life! That has to be worth more than the $70 premium they're charging. The iPad Mini was a fantastic product to begin with, this update undoubtly makes it the best 7' tablet on the market.


Tell me something: can your eyes tell the difference between a tablet with the 1080p display and the retina? As long as there is an equal display on the market (and there is), it isn't worth the premium for the screen alone.

Tell me something. Can you tell the difference between an application that has been optimized for a particular resolution and ones that are stretched on those 1080p displays. Get head out where the sun don't shine and think outside the box here. The resolution being absurdly huge, isn't the only factor here. It's the nearly 500,000 applications that will operate flawlessly on day one! PLUS! If you hadn't been following the markets recent 1080p tablets. ALL OF THEM. Had a major compromise. They sacrificed battery life. 10 hours on a display with an absurdly high arguably unecessary resolution is mental. So please, if you can't see the value in how incredible all these features are then enjoy the plethora of inferior products on the market.

Yes, all of them. If you hadn't noticed I was discussing 7-8'' tablets. i.e iPad Mini.

On the note of the Lumia 2520. Which I think is great looking device, it's able to cheat considering it only has to power a resolution of 1920x1080. Frankly, it only makes the Mini insanely mind boggling incredible that it managed 10 hours in such a small body compared to the 2520. If you don't think that's innovative than I don't know what is.

It looks like we have different ideas regarding what should be the performance of a device. You think the bigger the better battery life you get, while I'm always finding small devices (specially cellphones) that offer a lot more 10 or 11 hours, like the Nokia Lumia 1520. It has a 6-inch screen, only one inch less than your original comment (and according to your last comment, if it's smaller, its battery life should be worse than those in big devices). It also displays full 1080p and it is said to have a battery life of 13,6 hours. Here's a link to find some other specs of the device: . However, it doesn't say the exact battery life. I can't recall where I read that. I think it was in a Spanish forum hahaha. Greetings from Chile.

Many companies try to compete on specs with Apple and they lose, year after year. It's not about specs - it's about experience, feel, fluidity and ecosystem. Perhaps not to us geeks, but for the mainstream, which is Apple's target, none of the specs matter - and Windows Phones are just not selling.

"Experience, feel, fluidity". I find Lumia wins over iPhone on all those categories. I've used iPhone and Apple devices in the past and it seems to me that they are stuck in 2007, at least one step behind high-end Lumia devices. Indeed, that's what critics have been saying the whole year.

The fact that Windows phones aren't selling too much in the States doesn't mean a thing. In fact, iPhone's sales are going down in the rest of the world, including China, whereas Windows Phone's sales are going up, being already #1 in sales in Russia and becoming very popular in the Mexican market, two of the most important markets nowadays.

But in the end, it is not about who sells the most. It's about who offers better devices, services and experience and both people and critism agree on the fact that Windows Phone not only has improved a lot but it provides the best experience, feel and fluidity in current devices.

I'm a big Apple supporter and always have been but you come across like a raving Kool-Aide drinker.

This year's mini is a few ounces heavier, and (in my country) almost a hundred bucks more. That's not a good deal at all. I don't want retina, I don't care about retina and it's too much extra to pay both in weight and in money for an improvement that simply isn't necessary.

Does the original iPad mini perform more poorly because it has a non-retina display? No. Is there anything you can't do on it that you can do on the one with retina? No.

The problem with the original iPad mini was only the system RAM and the low power two generations old processor.

If they were going to jack up the price, they should have kept the old mini, but with more RAM and processor. You could argue that this breaks the symmetry of having an "all-retina" lineup, but that argument makes no sense when you consider they kept a non-retina, 30 pin device around (iPad 2) anyway.

It's a shitty money-gurbbing "design" decision from Apple. They've lost sight of what the people actually want and are focussing on their own hype and marketing.

I agree with you. Plus I was totally not expecting the beast A7 processor. I was ready to pick me up the iPad Air even if the iPad mini had a retina, but then they announced the A7 and 64bit. I loved my mini and now I get the best of both worlds. I'll be grabbing me one on day one.

I agree, the mini wasn't as attractive of an option for me, but now that it's lighter than the large iPad, AND just as powerful with a higher pixel density, it's looking very appealing.

Living in a family full of elementary school teachers, my bet is the iPad 2 is staying around mostly for educational institutions who buy them in huge bulk with a substantial discount. Tons of school districts are ordering them to give to young students. Not to mention airlines are buying them for pilots and passengers on planes these days. With the sheer scale that Apple can produce these units they can bulk-sell them much cheaper than $399 per.

I highly doubt that Apple anticipates selling a lot of them in the retail space.

iPad 2 has same internals as iPad mini 1. Therefore they may as well keep it around as long as they are supporting the iPad mini 1. However, $399 seems a bit much.

Everyone is saying that apple should have dropped the price on the 4th gen iPad (never gonna happen), just analyze it as a consumer, except from the freaking new processor both are exactly the same.

Cook would never give us last year (2 days ago) iPad for a lower price. It will never happen why? if I'm a new customer and only want to buy the 16GB iPad, i think it would be a good idea to save a couple of dollars and buy the previous generation instead of the new one, by doing that the sales of the new Air will drop significantly.

Let's be real, the Retina display (at least on the 9.7" iPad) it's not a new technology, so the prices are dropping every year, it's just plain insane to keep selling an 2nd generation on that price,

The second generation only exist so the customer will say this "nah, for the price of an outdated iPad i can buy a new Mini Retina, I'll just buy it", based only on research and advertisement Apple has to recover lots of money, so they should sell their new devices as much as they can.

You can even check the comments of many people saying that they will go for the new Mini Retina because of the price, it's just Apple playing with our minds on a psychological level and it has always worked for them why stop now?

Yes indeed they said November, the only one coming on November 1st is the iPad Air. The title of the article will create a lot of confusion IMO.

I agree. I was hoping to get the 16GB LTE version, but at $549, I don't know. For $80 more, you can get the full sized version. Dang...

I disagree. I'm completely happy paying that price for the premium iPad mini now with a higher ppi than the iPad air (same resolution almost two inches smaller I believe it will have the same ppi as the iPhone 4 and 4s) it will be an amazing display. Not only that, but we also get the A7 which I all but figured would not be as I figured the mini would always be one year behind the bigger iPad. Them upping the price from 329 to 399 allowed them to justify keeping the mini just as advanced as the iPad air and to me that it well worth the $70 extra dollars just for that. I would rather pay the extra 70 dollars and have the retina display and a7 then 329 (or even now 299) for the iPad mini with the A6. It will be a much better product and much more future proof. If that's not worth it they have many other models or you could simply get the wifi only as the cost for LTE is a lot more harder to swallow then what I just mentioned. Apple doesn't have to compete with the low end nexus 7 or fire and it shows. I'm more than willing to pay for quality

Yeah, it is. I'm going for the 128GB mini with Retina + cellular. Will sell my iPad 3rd generation and iPhone 4S to help defray the costs though. I always want the maximum storage capability, and after owning two generations of iPads with cellular, I can't imagine being limited to WiFi only.

I dont agree with the price or the fact the 2 is still around either... I think the retina Mini should have retained the 329 price point... Pricing it the same as the 2 doesnt make sense to pay the same price for outdated hardware with a larger screen... The smaller screen is worth the added cpu/gpu power you get with the mini.

I kind of agree....Apple seems to think a bigger screen is worth a premium. I think most people want a 7.9" tablet over a 9.7" tablet.

I saw that also, I think they meant $100 off the new version of the mini. I read that line a couple of times thinking I heard the price wrong.

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Yea but that doesn't equal $100 off of the iPad mini price, they simply jacked up the new model $70 and lowered the old model $30. The $100 off shouldn't be a selling point.

Why is the iPad mini $70 anyways, the iPad 3/4/5(air) never increased from that original $500?

I'm not an Apple guy - far from it - but the rumoured drop to $229 would have made the iPad mini and absolute killer. Apple's concern at that point would be from anti-trust lawyers, not any of the competition. I would have seriously considered picking one up for myself, but at $300, can't justify it as easily.

The pricing is ridiculous, I was considering a new ipad mini with retina at $329, but at $399 its just too high. And $299 for the original iPad mini is crazy too. Guess I'll try out the $229 Nexus 7.

So who exactly would still buy an iPad 2? They should have just killed it off. But someone must be buying it or they would have.

If I had kids, I would buy it for them. They don't care about retina, so it kind of makes sense. On the other hand, apps being developed today might not run on the iPad 2. So yeah, it is kinda stupid to keep it around if newer apps might not work on it.

$70 more than the first iPad mini was? Ha. And whoopy the first mini dropped $30. Would be nice to see them drop $100 like iPhones when a new one is introduced.

ipad 2 still around and at 399 just baffles me, feel sorry for the poor soul that buys that and will be getting ripped off.

Nice price for such an amazing screen, definitely gets me thinking about getting one, but that iPad Air looks tight too. Any of those products plus the Lumia 1520 are going to stretch my wallet thin this November.

I caught the whole "discounted the old iPad mini $100" thing. It made me laugh out loud. They used some awesome government style math for that. Let's jack up the price $70, then lower it $100, and tell everyone we lowered it $100. Maybe the won't notice it's really only $30 cheaper? Granted, that's a good deal for an iPad mini. Shoot, I paid $329 each for two of them shortly after they came out. Still though, did anyone fall for the $100 discount? It's almost like a blatant "we think you're all stupid" statement from Apple.

You are going be sorry - going with the Nexus 7 2013 for only $100 more for an Apple 4:3 form factor tablet! Maybe you should try a Nexus 7 out first!

Like many others here, I'm very disappointed on the price for the entry level iPad Mini with retina display. I waited so long for the new iPad mini just for the retina display. I was all set to buy one, but not at $399.

Scandalous ! $399 for 32GB ? Still wouldn't be cool, but the 16GB offer is simply absurd. Since the release is scheduled for later in November they should fix it. And if they want to keep their current flash storage pricing then I want a model WITHOUT any storage with a real price, I'll purchase that and put it inside myself :)
While the budget iPad 2 should be priced like the iPad Mini 1st gen.

Agree, or not on the pricing, they will sell like crazy. The only way to change Apple's thinking on the prices, just do not buy. Trouble is we will, and they know it. Not like other items where you can haggle on price. Like a $2,000.00 guitar. Give you 1,200.00. Nope its 2,000.00. Months later they gave in, and I got it for 1,200.00. Too bad we can't do that with Apple. They set the price, and we pay.