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Screen shot 2010-04-28 at 8.35.44 AM has just put up this year's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2010) page, and as suspected the dates are early -- June 7-11 at the traditional Moscone West venue in San Francisco.

For the last two years, Apple has also used the even to debut new iPhone hardware and release dates, with the iPhone 3GS in 2009 and iPhone 3G in 2008. The iPhone 2G was announced at Macworld in 2008, but its release date was made public at WWDC as well. All that to say it's fairly likely WWDC 2010 will not only give us our first official look at the 4th generation iPhone (iPhone HD, iPhone 4G, iPhone G4, whatever floats your moniker boat), but word on when we'll get it as well.

While the iPhone has only been part of WWDC for 3 years, given the app-centric nature of the artwork (above) its fair to say it'll be given the lion's share of attention this year.

UPDATE: It's iPhone OS-centric to say the least. Apple Design Awards, the Mac need not apply, and the course tracks listed are predominantly iPhone OS (iPhone, iPad). That's clearly where Apple is shifting their attention, at least for this year, and given their increasing iPhone OS earnings, it should come as no surprise.

The shot's been sounded people, the race to the next iPhone is on!


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There are 43 comments. Add yours.

Joe McG says:

So pumped. I'm going to go stand in line at the Apple store now...

Leo says:

So they actually did make it earlier...nice...can't wait!!

v_nes says:

Finally i'm just glad that this will put all the LEAKS to rest.

cardfan says:

Same date as last year. So not earlier.

Anti-Fanboy says:

I cant wait until June 12 so we can start speculating on the iPhone G5 :P

Dur says:

It doesn't say earlier it says early.

Alex says:

Is Grey Powell making the keynote?

Frog says:

ummm.... Cross reference Facebook guys, June 7 is Gray Powell's birthday!

blyths says:

Frog - uhh, Happy're Fired! -??

jtz5 says:

If June 7, when will it be available (anyone remember from last year)?

Readover says:

Man, does that mean iPhone OS 4 isn't very far away now? :D

tj says:

Umm fron your wrong... His bday was the day he lost the phone.. Read up on your facts

UTVOl06 says:

The 3GS was made available on June 19 2009. So looks like we will get the 4th Gen iPhone around then as well hopefully.

dloveprod says:

That's sooner than I anticipated

Kick Butt Applications says:

I would so love to go to the WWDC... I thought the same thing last year but was away... booked the same trip this year - at the same time AGAIN!!!
Enjoy for those that go!
Kick Butt

ProfK says:

i hope it will have a notification LED

Nebetsu says:

I thought the debut was Apple planting an iPhone 4G in a bar and then sueing the poor sucker who happened to pick it up and talk about it. It's all about the press. Apple did it on purpose. Otherwise, they would have fired the guy who made the drop.

Macboy74 says:

Good now we will soon see the real iPhone and not the fake and unattractive protogiziphone that's been hoarding the tech sites lately. I don't know about the rest of you but I'll be happy with a memory (64gb), prosessor, camera bump and iPhone 4. And maybe I little UI change. Give me all that and I'll be happier than a bird with a French fry.

Michael says:

Yes! Iphone for Boost Mobile here we come!

DaJe says:

Yes Just in time for my birthday.!!

Alex says:

I think there should be an intermission which is an interpretative dance of the bar scene in which Grey Powell loses the phone...

Jesh says:

So June 18th release date?! I sure hope so!

Edie says:

I can't wait! :D i believe they're gonna re-imagine the cell phone, watch! :D :D Apple's gonna do it- AGAIN!

Edie says:

I just got word from a good source that iPhone will be an actual "A " update, and that it will include an A4 chip, higher resolution, front facing camera for photo taking and wi-fi conferencing, (no 3G conferencing.) 3 more apps with Apples already built-in apps from factory settings. It will still be on at&t's network, IT WON'T BE 4G! It won't have a removeable battery, it's not gonna be on Verizon's network, and it won't carry an OMLED screen.

Macboy74 says:

iPhone for boost moblie lol why? Why would you want a prepaid iPhone would that not be pretty pricey? It would never happen anyway it's just weird.

Michael says:

Yeah I was just joking. At&t will never drop their death grip on the phone. Although I wish they would. More carries means more phones and more reasons for developers to build good iPhone apps.

pcdsim says:

Launch sequences initiated. Countdown to euphoria.

desjones4ever says:

I just hope that the only thing missing from updated OS on the 3GS is just the video conferencing in iChat because for obvious reasons. It should be able to handle everything else.

Vman says:

Just in from a credible source the Iphone HD will be equipped with both CDMA and GSM capabilities

Art VanBuren says:

Did they invite the GizzyGuys over too ? :lol: :twisted:

Michael says:

From a credible source I just heard iPhone is way better than Android.

CupertinoSweat says:

@Edie yes we all believe you

Art VanBuren says:

A credible source just informed that the new iPhone HD will come with iTunes app free of charge. PLUS you will be able to download songs from iTunes stright into your iPhone HD and play them up with the built in iPod (free) App :lol:

sigmamason says:

Hopefully they will put in a bigger battery, increase volume and a better Bluetooth stack.

Farid Rahmi says:

Too much attention to the HD boys, remember firmware shows multiple model scenario is possible as well...

phat7deuce says:

@ Michael...Boost Mobile...Best. Rumor. Ever.
From a credible source, they're going to re-air the Boost Mobile Super Bowl Shuffle commercials with the old Chicago Bears for the Boost iPhone launch. If you stand in line at the Apple Store on release day, you get a free Coach Ditka moustache iPhone case.

L says:

I wonder if the iPhone will be anything like the "leaked" prototype that's been all over the internet~

mastercard prepaid credit card says:

It will not likely be called 4G as AT&T's 4G signal will not be ready until next year. 3G refers to the 3G signal, not 3rd Generation phone.

Pedro Hoover says:

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