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Apple back in the dock game, iPhone 5s and 5c docks available September 20

Apple is officially back in the dock game. Despite no mention during the accessories portion of todays keynote in Cupertino, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c docks are now on display in the Apple Store carrying a price of $29. They'll be available to purchase in-store on launch day, Friday September 20.

Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 5, an official desktop dock was noticeably absent from Apple's accessory range, to the disappointment of many. With the new releases its back, and the 5s dock should theoretically also work with your iPhone 5, should you be hanging on to it.

I know I'm pretty happy to see these little fellas return, how about you?

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iSRS says:

Love it! Especially if they work with the Apple cases. I might get that Product (RED) or the blue iPhone 5S/5 case (Confirmed on they fit the 5)

paul204 says:

Yess, definitely getting one of these. Hated having my poor iPhone laying down on my table

PhxBlue says:

Sweet. Definitely missed having a dock.

folgrz says:

Yes finally! I missed my dock

James Madara says:

I'm tired of knocking my iPhone off the nightstand leaving it dangling by the lightning connector.

SockRolid says:

Yay. I'll get one for the second half of my iPhone 5's contract period.
It'll be obsolete next year when the "6" is released with a new form factor.
But oh well, it'll still be worth it.

(Off-topic: could Apple's iPhone trade-in program be their way of establishing recycling centers for future Liquidmetal products? Otherwise, there would no doubt be many iPhones etc. that don't get recycled. Or at least not returned to Apple for recycling. And recycling Liquidmetal could help Apple keep the net cost of the material down.

It's OK if there's expensive platinum in the alloy, if and only if Apple can recover nearly all of it for re-use in the next generation of products. Especially if there's no middleman when the material is brought straight back to Apple. And Liquidmetal apparently requires far less energy to recycle than aluminum because it doesn't need to be melted all the way down to a liquid state, so it can be molded at lower temperatures.)