Apple begins airing new iPhone 5c ad titled 'Plastic Perfected'

With the iPhone 5c all set for release on on September 20th, Apple has now unveiled one of what is sure to a few ads for the colorful line of devices. 

Titled 'Plastic Perfected', the 30-second ad has been uploaded to the Apple YouTube account for all and it's a pretty good look at the colors and materials used for the devices.

In case you're wondering, the song in the video is Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill and we're guessing Apple is wanting you to tell all your friends about the new trend. Color.

Source: YouTube

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Apple begins airing new iPhone 5c ad titled 'Plastic Perfected'


They did better FaceTime camera and bigger battery lol if u want upgraded go w the new flagship phone they couldn't do 2 different phones anodized so they canceled the current iPhone 5 for the plastic easy and quicker to make plastic.

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Kind of an ironic theme concerning some of the indignant posts of "It's not plastic!" here...

Plastic or not, if it is Apple quality, it will be a fine phone.

Apple or whatever the truth is its plastic. In past they used to reduce the price of the current phone whenever they launch new one. This time they replaced iphone 5 with iphone 5c whose cost to them will be relatively low thus increasing margins as the specs are almost the same. So customers who were hoping to buy iphone 5 after the launch have to buy iphone 5s if they want the apple trademark build quality. For those who can sustain with plastic can go with iphone 5c in the same price they could have got iphone 5. Personally it doesn't matter to me as my phone's build quality is always hidden behind a case but i have expected the plastic phone's price lesser than what iphone 5 would have been.

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Ahh.. And still people try to justify to me how Apple is not a "trend". Well fashionistas, listen to the last line of this Apple 5C commercial and tell me otherwise. "Call em up and tell em about the new trend". The new trend BTW, as Jony Ive puts it, goes by the term "unapologetically plastic". Nice.

It's kinda dawned on me recently that Apple's website doesn't actually feature any photographs of their phones - only computer mockups, which is ridiculous. Why do we have to watch the commercials to get a better sense of what they look like? Oh...I may have just answered my own question.

Apple is supposed to have this amazing eye for detail, but how on earth did no one notice the the ugly plastic cases they made for the 5C with all those holes obscure the "iPhone" logo on the back and make it so all you can see is "hon". Why not a cutout, or else completely cover the logo? What they did just looks sloppy as fuck.