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Apple begins OS X 10.10 Yosemite public beta test

As we reported yesterday, Apple has begun the public beta test for OS X 10.10 Yosemite, as it has invited beta testers to download a build of the next version of its operating system made for its Mac products. Folks who got in – and that should be quite a few, since we just signed up and got in today – can go to the OS X beta portal, sign in and claim their redemption code to snag Yosemite via the Mac App Store.

Apple has already said the first million people who signed up ahead of time to beta test Yosemite will be able to get an invite today. It's the first time ever that Apple has allowed members of the general public to try out a pre-release version of one of its OS X builds. Using the Yosemite public beta is still subject to a bunch of terms and conditions, including an agreement that you won't share any images or discuss confidential software publicly. But, if Apple has disclosed it, it's not confidential.

Apple is rumored to launch the final version of OS X Yosemite in October. If you are one of the folks who got invited to download the beta build, be sure to read our feature on how to prepare your Mac before installing this early version of Yosemite.

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Reader comments

Apple begins OS X 10.10 Yosemite public beta test


For those who signed up yesterday and still haven't received a code yet. Go back to the Apple beta page and sign up again. I just did that and I got my code.

Just went to appleseed.apple.com and logged in. My code was generated after the agreement.

All is good so far on my machine. I know its not recommended to install over an existing OS but I did anyway since I'm a bit of a maverick.

Getting the message "This code has been already redeemed" message.

Edit: Resolved this by leaving the beta program and rejoining again (got a new code)

I have just logged in and was excited to see i can download beta, although when i click to download it says my code has already been redeemed, any thoughts on what i can do??

those that have already redeemed their code need to go to the app store and then go to purchases and then find the yosemitie was at the top of my list and click download ... note u do need like 6-7 gb freee on your computer to comfortably download it so far I'm getting errors at like a gb saying to try again so i will report back

I'm having the same issue that the download has failed. at 1.20gb right now and it hasn't stopped so hopefully its good this time.

I lost connection right when it started downloading, I was able to restart by going to purchased in the Mac App Store. It is in there like a normal purchase. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, I installed it on a separate partition but I'm considering downloading it as my main OS, pretty stable thus far.

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Yeah it keeps restarting after like 1.05 gb and goes back to 80mb and so is anyone else having issues downloading ... could be my connection ...im on comcast though says 36mins for a 5 gb download maybe I'm going to fast ?

No issue here. Put my new broadband to work downloading it but there'll be quite a few people trying to get it at the same time, could account for issues

I downloaded mine in less than 15 min, I would maybe try re downloading from your purchases menu if you are still having issues.

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in the UK, and the site is down, showing the we'll be back soon logo. I tried it earlier but it was not there yet, no email as of yet and I signed up the first day it was announced :(

I signed up maybe four days after and even though I redeemed my code, nothing happened. Looks like they're fixing it because lot's and lot's of people are having this problem.

The other day I reformatted my Macbook Pro and installed Mavericks and now I just installed Yosemite right on top. No issues yet, but how to enable dark theme?

It's in General inside System Preferences. Right at the top under color scheme.

It's a little glitchy, rendering fonts strangely for some reason. Menu fonts are like an extra point size taller until highlighted when they're redrawn the correct size.

I'm curious to see how people react to a serious side-effect of iCloud Drive. To use iCloud Drive on Yosemite you have to upgrade your iCloud account. This appears to PERMANENTLY affect your iCloud account across ALL your machines, even non-Yosemite machines.

You will no longer be able to sync iCloud documents and data on Mavericks and iOS 7 devices.

I really don't think Apple is making this clear enough. There's no way to downgrade your account! This is the danger of beta software, especially in a cloud & services world. Be careful!

This also seems to affect some games that rely on iCloud data to sync.

If you rely on iCloud Documents but want to try out iCloud Drive, you'll want to save your files locally off your iOS 7 and Mavericks devices so you can work with them outside of iCloud. I've had to move quite a few apps to Dropbox, like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, DayOne, 1Password, and Soulver. Ironic isn't it?

still having issues downloading the beta. Getting to a point of just giving up or waiting until tomorrow. Or, just reinstalling Mavericks (long overdue on this macbook).

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IM still having problems downloading i wanna try this so bad someone let me come over and copy the disc ahhhhhh hhahaha i think it has to do with routers and going throuhht them I'm connected directly to my comcast modem and now its slow as hell but i think I'm getting somewhere any tipsss ?

I am finding a few minor bugs and they are working themselves out with a few fixes and restarts. But I experienced the same thing on iOS 8 Betas. I just installed over Mavericks. So far I am liking the look, from a new MacBook Pro owner.

I love the new look (very iOS 7). It feels faster. No issues so far. I backed everything up just in case I needed to go back to Maverick. I didn't upgrade iCloud since my iPhone would be on a different version (but I don't really use iCloud that much anyway).

I still can't decide if it worth installing Yosemite or not, as we all know its a beta and may have lots of bugs... Anyone can confirm that installing it won't screw you up?

I have had a few things I've had to work around. That said very few crashes. But you are taking a *huge* risk if you install it on your primary device.

For instance a co-worker won't install it because he has about a month's worth of configuring professional audio software he'd have to redo if the beta didn't work well and he had to reinstall Mavericks.

I have very low risk. It would take me an afternoon to reconfigure my system. (But I also work with very significant automation scripts. It is just how I roll.)

I have the same issue and did not find a solution. Within my system preferences there is even no option I could check to activate the Wikipedia support. It's missing.

I got my code but need to get an portable external drive to load it onto and boot too. My hard drive is nearly full and can't afford to have any glitches in my main workflow with a Beta. How's it going for everyone else (as much as you can say)?