Inside Apple, the book that claims to expose Apple's secrets, now available

Inside Apple, the book that claims to expose Apple's secrets, now available

Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple, wish purports to go behind the scenes of Apple's magic as the world's biggest start up, and lay bare the secrets of their success, is now available for purchase and, if you go the electronic route, immediate download.

You can pick it up via the links below, or if you're feeling especially lucky, go enter our Inside Apple contest -- we have three (3) copies to give away, and one might just have your name on it. Regardless of how you get it, get it, and then hop on over to the [iMore book club] and let the discussion begin!

Rene Ritchie

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jayrod88 says:

Can't wait to read this! Maybe it'll highlight how they are able to generate 13 billion in profit in a single quarter. They obviously know what consumers want/need.

jclisenby says:

I can't wait to check this one out. I loved the bio on Steve Jobs and I love everything Apple!

johncblandii says:

Have you read it Rene? Is it legit and worth it?

Rene Ritchie says:

Keeping in mind it took me a month to get through the Jobs bio (the more I write the less time I have to read), I've started Inside Apple and it's interesting. No way to judge the veracity of the reports but they're interesting.

insideinfo says:

Another sales gimmick. Nobody want to know their secret anyway. Why bother. Save your precious dollar for the rainy season.

Alex says:

If it would expose Apples secrets, it would not be in the iBook-Store. ;)

peterb77 says:

I think that was a low blow with your source links to iBooks and Amazon. Your link for Amazon goes to a hardcover edition which is obviously going to be more expensive. That's a little integrity issues what so ever.

Rene Ritchie says:

Amazon lists ALL VERSIONS on that page, from the $12.99 Kindle edition to the heavily discounted hardcover. Options are good; Amazon has the most.
Pick the one you like and want. Everything else is on you :)

Jonny Bruci says:

its a nice book just picked up from the link admin has given.keep sharing this type of informational links.funky fashion arena