Apple brings Bitcoin apps back to the App Store

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After delisting all apps that deal in virtual currency over the year, Apple has eased up on its stance and is now allowing Bitcoin apps back into the App Store. A policy change detailed in the App Store review guidelines suggested that virtual currencies may be supported in iOS, with Apple following through by re-enlisting Bitcoin wallet app Coin Pocket on the store yesterday.

Apple mentioned that the would still have to be in "compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions." The US Treasury declared earlier this year that users who mine Bitcoin for personal use and businesses trading in the virtual currency for investment purposes will not be regulated.

While Apple has been cautious in the past regarding virtual currencies, its latest stance shows that it is willing to accommodate a few changes to encompass a growing community of Bitcoin users.

Are you excited about the fact that Bitcoin apps are now allowed in the iOS App Store? What are your views on the virtual currency?

Source: Apple; Via: The Verge

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Apple brings Bitcoin apps back to the App Store

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I wonder if the people who took videos of them destroying their iPhones in protest of the apps being pulled are going to buy new ones to replace them now.