Apple wants to build a new campus in Cupertino, Steve Jobs presents the 'Mother Ship' to the City Council [video]

Straight after WWDC, Steve Jobs is the centre of attention again; this time presenting a plan for a new Apple campus to Cupertino City Council. Apple has outgrown its current campus at One Infinite Loop and proposes to build a new futuristic looking building on land it bought recently from Hewlett Packard.

The plans shown off at the meeting make the proposed campus look like a space ship that has just landed. The idea behind the design is quite phenomenal. During the presentation Steve Jobs outlined the plans and told the City Council that the building would house over 12,000 employees, have a huge underground car park, increase the trees in the area by 60% and generate its own electricity; only using the grid as a backup.

“There is not a straight piece of glass in this building, it’s all curved. We used our experience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use. And, we want to make the glass specifically for this building here. We can make it curve all the way around the building… It’s pretty cool.”

Apple is planning on starting the project in 2012 with completion scheduled for 2015. Take a look at the video after the break. It is over twenty minutes long and includes a question and answer session at the end. It is well worth watching! Let us know what you think when you have picked your jaw up from the floor!

[Cupertino City Council via 9to5 Mac]

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Apple wants to build a new campus in Cupertino, Steve Jobs presents the 'Mother Ship' to the City Council [video]


haha, I get the impression that the city of Cupertino actually thinks of itself like Apple's kid. But not one of those cute kids who's happy all the time--the kind that constantly follow parents around asking for a raise in their allowance and for toys other people get to have.
Seriously -- that councilwoman actually asked Apple to provide wifi and, indirectly, iPads to everyone in town, and with the exception of the one and only councilman who wasn't cartoonishly childlike, every single one of them asked "right, so when will you start paying more in taxes? Soon, right? Soon? We get more money soon? Yes?"

The building is kind of a cool design; sort of like Apple's own little Pentagon, only it's round instead of pentagonal. It kinda gives new meaning to the term "infinite loop." I wonder what they'll name it... The iRing?

LOL Now that'd be a bit overkill... It kinda looks like a supercollider or some big force field generator (perhaps to generate a bigger reality-distortion field LOL I kid, I kid...). But it does look impressive, architecturally. I'd like to see it when it's finished.

I can't believe that one woman asked how the new campus would benefit Cupertino. Seriously?! Was she joking? The 12000 employees staying in Cupertino isn't benefit enough? And then she goes on to request free stuff?
My jaw dropped to the floor.
Oh, and that building looks freaking amazing.

I agree! I can't believe she asked how will this benefit Cupertino....uhhhh did she look at his slide show and the stats????? Taxes, jobs, trees, their own generated power grid..dang lady!!! Then free WiFi? Oh and we need an Apple store, uhhh then the guy can't even swipe his iPad to unlock? Geesh!!!
I don't think Steve should have to ask for anything!! Isn't it enough he/Apple put Cupertino on the map??
The building looks spectacular!!! I will drive to Cupertino just to see it!! Apple and Steve you guys ROCK!!!!

I think maybe the City Council would be worried about the vacancies in other commercial properties that will be created throughout the city when Apple consolidates its workforce in its new headquarters. A least I hope that's what she was thinking cause I'd hate to think she'd be that petty to be asking for a gift bag!

NO, Steve said the current campus would remain occupied. The campus that has 2000 some staff. The other 10,000 are located in rental / leased properties scattered around the city, and those would be consolidated in the new building (well, probably everyone at Infinite Loop would move to the Mothership, and most of the rest, with some filling the vacancy at Infinite Loop, but it works out the same).

Ok...also, did he serious ask Steve about "safety"? I mean, NO...he isn't thinking of that and I'm sure the architect didn't think of it.

Wonder if there is a tram going around that thing? Looks like a long walk from one end to the other.

I know. I can't believe steve has to ask city council to build a massive freaking structure. building ordinances should only be for peasants who would like to build a garage onto their house, or put a fence in. smh.

That explains the rumors that Apple was buying their own glass cutting/engineering equipment. Its possible insqtead of cutting curved glass for the i5 they were planning something on a much larger scale such as the windows in this facility.

Actually a few years back Apple was looking to use large curved glass for a lot of their retail stores, but every company they approached said it wasn't possible. So they acquired a glass company and worked with them to be able to create what they wanted. The byproduct was very large pieces of curved glass that you now see at Apple Stores such as the infamous one in New York and Shanghai, among others. It's unrelated to the recent rumors of the glass cutting machines they've acquired for the iPhone 5.

Sorry but large curved glass has been available for decades now. You need to get our more often ;) Just check out Wynn/Encore in Vegas ;)

I'm not making this up. I got this information from Apple themselves via a video they played at one of their Apple Store seminars for one of their mass hirings for a new store opening. But hey, whatever.

I like that the Apartments were not for sale.... I thought pretty much anything was for sale to Apple, guess they just didn't like the asking price.

I feel so sorry for him for having to go through that! SO awkward. Especially that one guy who was asking what he planned to do about the random concrete factory.... I mean what the heck? How does one even respond to that?! Just smile, laugh, and agree, hahaha

Why feel sorry for him? Steve showed them all that he is the smartest in that room. They knew it before he even entered. I think its great that he can toy around these jerks so easily and in such a nice way that only he can do. :)

I think this is why they bought all the curved glass cutters, to cut all the exterior glass on the building (5:30).

Most titans of industry build mega buildings that are towering structures thrusting upwards into the air. Steve builds one that is low lying, has a hole in the middle and is surrounded by bushes. Not everything is symbolic, I'm just sayin'.

and if you look really closely, Steve's 'office' is right in the middle - he's sat on a carpet, in the lotus position...

Wait wait wait... He wants to plant apricot trees? I would have thought another fruit tree would be more obvious...

Back in the day, before it was called Silicon Valley, it was all farmland. I remember driving down there and picking apricots with my parents just for fun. I guess apricots do particularly well down there.

I used to live in that area (San Jose; my dad worked at Atari & my mum worked at Gould in Santa Clara) eons ago, and that's true; apricot trees are common there, as are cherry plum and almond trees. My dad used to live in Cupertino but now it's changed so much that I doubt he'd recognize it. I haven't been there in decades either (since the '90s).

I found it absolutely hilarious how basically Jobs tells the council this is happening or all our tax dollars are going elsewhere...
Did anyone else feel like he was threatening council?
Man I wish I owned one of those apartments... I feel like its value suddenly just skyrocketed...

That's really how working with city councils works though. Everything needs to be put in terms of what a given issue means for the community--so putting things in terms of "your choice is to either give us a permit to do what we need to do so all this good stuff can happen in the town, or deny it and we'll take over half of this town's population with us and the economy will collapse" is totally legit.

Maybe not a starship, but a docking ring for starships to land on. A spaceport, if you like. You could easily land helicopters in there, so why not?

On a serious note (and I apologize for being macabre), I really hope Mr. Jobs is around to see that project completed. I know I can't wait.

Current slogan: "If you don't own an iPhone, you don't own an iPhone."
Future slogan: "Even if you don't own an iPhone, we still own you..."

Yeah, what happened to affirmative action? :P Shouldn't the council represent the populace?
Maybe the populace ARE of East Asian origin. Who knows.

That could be; when I was in 5th grade, I went to an elementary school in a predominantly Vietnamese part of San Jose, where I was one of the very few non-Vietnamese students in the whole school. So that's possible.

LMAO ... the first lady was really going in for the iPAD ! haha. He first question was legit but she sorta amped it up with asking for free Wifi and then iPads !
I think the building is beautiful ... but why is the secondary parking lot so far from the building ? Is there like a high speed walk way into the building underground ? I would hate to walk that distance even if it's in such a beautiful environment.

Maybe they'll have an employee shuttle bus (like we have at my job) and/or some of those electric golf carts to take people to & from the car park.

Gilbert Wong says "Uh" and "Um" way too much. I never thought too much of it before, but with how quickly he speaks, he sounds absolutely moronic.

he is giving them the pleasure of building a huge beautiful campus and she asks, "Can we get free wifi??"