Apple CEO Tim Cook: "We're not in the junk business"

In a rare interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook, design chief Jony Ive and software chief Craig Federighi have come together to talk about Apple's latest and greatest products; the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. On the iPhone 5c in particular, Cook was particularly vocal while speaking to Bloomberg:

“There’s always a large junk part of the market,” he says. “We’re not in the junk business.” The upper end of the industry justifies its higher prices with greater value. “There’s a segment of the market that really wants a product that does a lot for them, and I want to compete like crazy for those customers,” he says.

The pricing of the iPhone 5c has drawn much criticism since its unveiling, perhaps because it isn't the 'cheap' iPhone so many – falsely – dreamed of. Apple doesn't do cheap, we've seen it time and time again.

Elsewhere in the interview Ive and Federighi reveal that their respective desks are just a minute apart from each other in the expanse of Apple HQ at Cupertino, perhaps revealing a little of how close the two teams may now be working.

It's a great read, so head on over to the source link to check it out in full. What did you think of it?

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "We're not in the junk business"


Right... Compete for rich customers or those who have more money. Kudos to Apple for not caring about the little guy

Please. I worked with people making 11.50 an hour alongside me that would go out and drop $200-$250 on the newest cell phones (iphone5, GSIII, Note II). Some of the poor spend just as much as some of the rich on cellphones. Apple's a company that cares about the customers who buy their stuff. Name a for-profit company that "cares for the little guy"; companies want to make money, not run a charity.

"Name a for-profit company that "cares for the little guy"; companies want to make money, not run a charity."

This. The large corps (Apple included) aren't in it for the benefit of the "little guy". They do it for profit, like every business that participates in capitalism anywhere on the planet. Apple's difference is like jasonmelling said; they care about the people who buy their stuff. That's all.

It's up to the CONSUMER to know whether or not they can afford something. The "little guy" needs to make sure they have gas in their tank before driving to the Apple store and buying a new iPhone.

"Name a for-profit company that "cares for the little guy"; companies want to make money, not run a charity."
Google. Android is free, Nexus prices are damn near at cost
I just answered your question. Now dont give me reasons for why google does this or that. Im not even saying Apple needs to make phones dirt cheap just reasonably priced. All tim cook said was anything below the price that we are offering our products is junk, which just isnt true

Google ain't doing that out of charity. they want to mine your data and sell it. So they too are just after the bottom line. they just make that money in a different way than apple does.

Same to you my good sir, nice to see I can have a adult conversation without calling anyone names on imore

For little guys (with small brains), there's always Larry & The L Team who sell junks and craps called android -- truly copied and based on iOS, originally stolen by Andy Rubin -- enhanced by Eric Schmidt -- being updated by google'S so-called developers who get paid by Ads selling Kit Kats!

For everyone else with a little common sense, there's iOS, of course!

You sir are a true Apple fan thats in denial. Dont get me wrong i love IOS very much but i also have Android to but that comment you made is so far from fact make me laugh. IOS has also copied alot from eveyone out there as well and called it there own.

I fully respect your comments.

Yes, Apple has done copying but it's their rights after getting ripped off for so long and many many times.....

As your other comment that I'm a fan of Apple (and thank you for not calling me iSheep :)), I just don't like (hate would be too strong perhaps but closer) google with a passion and whatever they do.

I support any company no matter where they're located as long as they come up with something to get rid of google or any of their so-called products / services.

Search = Bing, Yahoo, DockDockgo and so on .....

I also don't mind sharing my personal info with any company but google.

LOL @ him continuing to beat the 'old OS @ purchase time' and fragmented OS drum. He can't discuss Android without beating that drum. If only he had a clue how Google is addressing new code use on old phones [see Support library].

The usage argument is still laughable to me. Because iOS devices are on the 'web' [not tracking app usage, just web] covered by the report [clearly they don't have stats for every site; ie -,, etc], somehow "we're winning".

I repeat this all the time: pick a stat and you too can win!

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I agree with Mr Cook, but what they did with the color scheme in the new iOS7 just turns me off now, please put a option for a dark theme or something, this is just to bright, someone else said it perfect, "Easter Colors" and I couldn't agree more. This would be perfect for the iPhone C but not the 5 S. Just my opinion.

Apple is in the business of creating beautiful, usable things.

Typing this on an iPad 2 running iOS 7. It works wonderfully, even though it's an old product now.

So it goes. These products work, and have willing buyers. The market at work.

Apple isn't in the junk business. They are in the fashion business. They convince non-technical types that suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect that they are buying the "best thing" so they can feel "smart". And that's fine. They sell dreams. Sometimes they even sell products with features that are actually of value to end-users also. No, they aren't very innovative. No, they won't even be remembered in 100 years because Apple doesn't do anything of any actual value for humanity. Apple just isn't really very important. They also don't have much of an actual effect on the industry. They simply don't have the market share to influence things much. But selling slighly overpriced fashion tech to trendy folks is a smart business model.

You ARE joking right?
Don't have much effect on the industry....look at their profits man! If the money is going to Apple it's not going to Samsung or Nokia. That is the biggest most severe case of denial I've ever seen in any context.

The reason analysts wanted to see a cheaper 5c is because you can get a lot more in a better package for a lot less, which pretty much puts them in the junk business. Of course what else could he possibly say.